What Will You Do With Your Christmas Money? Spend It On Your Genealogy–

for your hard-to-find Ancestor
–only $99.97 (a $250.00 value)–
We’re still remodeling the building for our much-anticipated Genealogy Library Center. Why wait? You can request Sneak-Preview access to the indexes of our most important genealogy collections
and jump start your research right now!

1. ancestor’s full name (including nickname, if any)
2. birth and death dates (real or estimated)
3. locality/residence you know (or think is correct)
4. spouse if known
5. children, in order of birth, with their dates and spouses

The more you tell us, the easier it is to match your ancestor to our indexes and collections:
* 6 1/2 ton British Isles family files (Sherwood Collection)
* 3-million entry slip index to British Court Documents
* 50,000 entry card index to German Churchbooks
* European map and atlas collection
* 24 file drawers of American family research files, including Hollywood celebrities (Hollingsworth Collection)—being processed now–many with ties to Ireland
* 5 Virginia databases–Northern Neck rent rolls, family notebooks, marriage records, land ownership maps, minutemen for Culpeper and Amherst counties
* Chamberlain Families of America Collection–family notebooks, correspondence files, US Census entries and spreadsheets, family group records, and pedigrees
* British Isles research files from professional genealogists
* Family Group Sheet Collection from commercial research firms (various donors)
* Ron Bremer Collection of archive and library finding aids, with digital index
* Jeremiah Smith Foundation Collection—Smiths in New York, family group sheets, copies of original documents, research files (being transferred in segments) NEW
* Wilburta Moore Collection—Hollingshead Family Records NEW
* Anita Mott Collection-–Mosser/Musser Family NEW
* Genealogical Periodicals Collection (various donors) NEW
* Frederick Walter Hilbig Card File, German Research NEW
* Afton Reintjes Collection—Native American files, U.S.Maps (being transferred in segments) NEW
* Woods Cross (Utah) History and its Families–original documents, interviews with local residents, county records extracts, land use maps
* Georgia Raw Data Collection NEW

A $250.00 value–when you order this SNEAK-PREVIEW Search by 20 Jan 2007, your search will cost only $99.97.

And we will answer early in the New Year with a list of indexes and collections searched, copies of entries found, and recommendations for continued research. You have nothing to lose–if our files do not reveal your ancestor’s information, we will check the Family History Library and little-used online indexes for you. You risk nothing! And our work is fully guaranteed: if for any reason you are not satisfied, your money will be refunded–no questions asked.

Here’s what Barbara Bain of Los Angeles CA said about her SNEAK-PREVIEW Search.
“Thank you for all the work you have done. I am most impressed! You came up with material that I have searched for for years. I’m so thrilled you have made sense of it. Your ‘What if…’ set me off on a lot of research–this time I struck gold!”

Some special surname collections include:
* Davis–New England and New York
* Butler–New York, Southern U.S.
* Roberts–New York, East Tennessee
* Taylor–NC, KY, VA
You can submit more than one ancestor–please enter each ancestor with accompanying data on a separate sheet.

It’s easy— 1. Write what you know. 2. Enclose payment and data for each ancestor. Order all your most difficult ancestors while this no-risk price is available.

Mail to Arlene Eakle’s Genealogical Institute, 56 West Main St.–P.O. Box 129, Tremonton UT 84337-0129 by 20 Jan 2007. Or, call 1-800-377-6058 and request your SNEAK-PREVIEW Search by phone: Afton can take your information and credit card right over the phone.

These searches are done by me–your favorite genealogy expert, Arlene Eakle

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