I Love Your Blog Award

The Ancestry Insider has awarded this Genealogy News Sheet with the “I Love Your Blog” recognition:  Arlene Eakle’s Genealogy Blog:  Professional researcher. Pragmatic.  Straight shooter.  Knows her stuff.  Often mixes in some good, western, rural philosophy.”

Many thanks!  Appreciated especially since others recognized at the same time–Cyndi’sList, Megan’s Roots World, Renee’s Genealogy Blog, All Things Kendall and Caroline (with Ancestry.com), DearMyrtle and others.

Recognition and the assurance that what you do is helpful are the compensation for something offered free.  In a world where criticism and negative comments fly all about us, simple acknowledgment is prized.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://www.arleneeakle.com

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