The Genealogy “EASY Button” is coming to Kansas City!

The Genealogy “EASY Button” is coming to Kansas City MO–with me, Arlene Eakle. And I am very excited!

And I have prepared a special Southern States Genealogy Research track–4 full sessions–at the Midwest Family History Expo, KCI Expo Center, 11730 N. Ambassador Dr., Kansas City, MO 64153. 30-31 July 2010. Just for you! 


This is a special invitation to you, my gentle readers, to attend. Only two weeks away.

What makes this such an exciting event for me? For more than 20 years, I spoke at the AFRA Genealogy Conference in Kansas City MO, Johnson County KS, and Independence MO. Every three or four years, the conference fell on my birthday, July 19th. So we had birthday cake. And presents. And July 19th hasn’t seemed like my birthday since AFRA and its Genealogy Conference closed down.

Even though my actual birthday will have already passed, I can look forward to being in Kansas City again in July. July in Missouri, when the outdoor heat and humidity force you to seek cooler environs. Come to the cool, Expo Center on Ambassador Drive–we’re turning up the air conditioning just for your comfort.

Genealogy research in the Southern States is an amazing challenge. You need an “EASY Button” to track your Southern ancestors.  Actually, a whole pile of “easy buttons.” And that is what I have planned just for you with my presentations.

When the EXPO is over, you will have this whole new arsenal of genealogy resources to aim at your own hard-to-find ancestors. So you can make progress tracing their lives–progress you could not make before–because you will now have “EASY Buttons” prepared just for you. Break your losing streak! Register now to attend the Midwest Family History Expo, 30-31 July 2010 at the KCI Expo Center.  This event is co-sponsored by and by your own Midwest Genealogy Center.  And a ton of other important vendors.

You can also visit the Vendor’s Hall at the EXPO, where I have a booth. And I am bringing the new Tennessee Research book by Afton Reintjes, with the very first edition of the reconstructed “1790 Census” for Tennessee. This preliminary edition of the missing census is worth the price of the whole book. I’m also bringing my whole 3/4-ton pick-up truck full of other goodies–Scottish Genealogy, British Isles Genealogy Secrets, Tracing Scots-Irish Ancestors, Why Maps Are Important, Tracing Pedigree Ladies, Tennessee and Kentucky: Twin Gateways to the South, and a whole table of carefully selected source checklists and white papers for just $1.00 each. Each one of these is an “EASY Button” for challenging genealogy problems. Your favorite Southern States genealogist, Arlene Eakle

__PS Here’s BIG secret #1–if you come to the Midwest Family History EXPO you can visit the vendor’s hall FREE! Whether you register for the EXPO or not.

__PPS BIG secret #2–if you are a Family History Consultant, you can attend the consultant training sessions conducted by FREE! Whether you register for the EXPO or not.

__PPSS  And if you don’t have ancestors from the Southern States, there are more than 80 classes, at the EXPO 30-31 July, to teach you the tech to trace your roots in Germany, Scandinavia, and other parts of the world. You won’t want to miss a minute of this important event. Register today!

My presentations:

  1. What is “The South,” and Why is it Different–Southern pedigrees present a big research challenge. There are 10 specific variants that give you a genealogy edge–specific research differences from other parts of the United States (and perhaps the world at large) which shift the challenge in your favor! From Florida to Texas, from the Carolinas to Delaware, you can find your “lost” Southern ancestors!
  2. Birth, Marriage, and Death Records in the Southern States–Do they exist before 1840?  Where are they found?  Now you can document missing parents’ names.  Identify missing maiden names. Fill in the gaps on your genealogy charts with complete dates.  Extend your lineages with best evidence. 
  3. Migrations of Southern Church Groups to the Mid-West: Routes and Sources–These migrations are the key to your ancestral origins in the South as well as Ireland, Scotland, Wales, German Provinces, France, and even Italy and Poland. Church records supply much more than vital records–you may have just overlooked their evidence.
  4. Want Land. Will Travel. Southern Land Records: State-by-State–Consider: when the courthouse burns, how do you prove father-son relationship? Since 393 Southern courthouses have suffered loss of records from fire, flood, storm, chaos and destruction of war, and official carelessness, how do you prove a pedigree? Property ownership is of sufficient importance to every level of jurisdiction, and always has been that important, that land records make up the most consistent, most reliable, most provable record category of all. 

Remember, You don’t get the same speech I gave last time I was with you. You get a whole new pitch. You don’t get the same, worn-out examples from past genealogy sharings. You get my current research challenges. And You get to share the resources I use to resolve the hard-to-find ancestors I am seeking for my current research clients–those ancestors hunted for 20 or more years by others before me!

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