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Georgia Ancestors:  A Take You By-the-Hand, No-nonsense Guide to Georgia Property Records,  Arlene H. Eakle and Linda E. Brinkerhoff

Just finished preparing this manuscript for the printer!  Am so excited.  Put everything on hold to get it done.  What an experience!  I invite you to examine the Table of Contents and decided if something there might help jumpstart your research in Georgia.

Table of Contents

Georgia Ancestors: How to Find Them and Prove They Belong toYou

Map: Georgia, 1853

Proof of Relationship—Essential Pedigree Evidence

Property Records—Basic Sources for Georgia Research

Map: Southern United States

Map: Carolina Grant, 1665 and Georgia Grant, 1732

Georgia Jurisdictions and Property Records

Chart: Districts and Towns into Parishes ad Counties

The People Differences: How to Recognize Your Georgia Ancestors

Checklist: Scottish Emigrants to America, David Dobson

Appalachian Triangle Genealogy Research Resources

Scottish Covenanters—Irish Confederates

Map: Cherokee Nation, 1820-1835

Melungeon Names

Tracing Native American Ancestry in the South

Map: Georgia Country, 1748

Map: Distribution of the Races in Georgia, 1850

Map: Slave and Free Territory

Map: The Process of Secession

Map: The Reconstruction Process

Graph: Slaveholders in 1860: White Families

Emancipation Proclamation

Checklist: Georgia Ancestors

Why Tax Records Are a Common Source

Illustration: Camden County 1809 Tax Digest

Georgia Grants by Purchase

Map: Province of Georgia

Georgia State Land Lotteries

How to Use Printed Property Records

Map: Georgia Land Cessions

Map: Rectilinear Surveys

Chart: Georgia Land Lotteries

Map: Georgia’s Original 32 Counties

Counties formed from Headrights and Bounty Lands


Map: The Sea Islands

Map: Colonial Towns and Parishes

Chart: Georgia Headright Counties and Land Lots

  1. 1805 Lottery
  2. 1807 Lottery
  3. 1809 Lottery
  4. 1820 Lottery
  5. 1821 Lottery
  6. 1821 Lottery
  7. 1832 Lottery:  Cherokee and Gold Lands

Map: Cherokee Land Lottery

Illustration: Cherokee Land Lottery

Case Study: Neal/ONeal Family, Mrs. Roy Brown

Georgia County and District Lottery Papers

Using Indexes

Glossary of Key Land and Tax Terms

Deeds and Conveyances

“How to Read Old Deeds”

Plantations: Private Jurisdictions

Map: Savannah and Vicinity: Tours and Plantations

American Court Records: Why Court Records are Essential

When the Records Are Gone

Chart Your Genealogy Details as you go

Georgia Court Records

How to Abstract Court Records

Wills, Inventories, and Other Probate Records

Checklist: Georgia Probate (Ordinary Court) Records

Special Considerations and Legalities in Probate Records

How to Abstract Probate Court Records

Illustration: Pauper List

Illustration: Bastardy Bond

Chart: Georgia Court System

Some Georgia Genealogists:

Jeannette Holland Austin

Robert Scott Davis, Jr.

Rev. Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr.

Mary Bondurant Warren

Map: Georgia Land Owners’ Memorials, 1758-1776

Appendix: How to Find Sources and Records in the Family

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With this friendly guide you have what you need to make real breakthroughs on your hard-to-find Georgia ancestors.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS  I added a patch to up-date my version of Windows so I could open email attachments.  I did the patch correctly.  Everything seemed to be working fine.  Then I tried to access Firefox.  UGH!  Windows won’t allow it.  Now what?  Did tell you that I tried to register for a basic computer class at the trade tech nearby–they don’t teach one.  So I called the high school.  They don’t teach one.  So I called the Family History Center (now called FamilySearch Center) across the street.  They put my name on the list for a basic class.  I was the only registrant.  They don’t teach a class either.  What is a great genealogist to do?  I can’t even access my Home Page.

PPS  I can access my email and my post office box and my FAX machine–they are all listed on my Home Page–so if you are okay with going to my Home Page–you can order a copy of our new Georgia Ancestors.  And I will send you a copy at the new book price of $35.00.  (It will be $45.00 mid-October)

PPSS  I will also have copies at the Friends of Clayton Library Seminar, Saturday 27 August 2011, at St Luke’s United Methodist Church, 3471 Westheimer Rd, Houston TX at 10:00 am.  Can you believe?  They have so many registrations for  that event–all on Southern Research!–that they had to move the seminar to a bigger place where they could accomodate you-all.    And I am excited about that too. 

Just would like a basic course on using the computer and trouble-shooting very basic problems caused when I add a patch to update.



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