The Scots-Irish–“We are a mixed people.” Launching 27 Feb 2013.

My long awaited and most anticipated project–The Scots-Irish Blog will launch 27 Feb 2013.  Go to my Home Page  Click on the right-hand menu.  Scots-Irish link is live.  Register to receive The Scots-Irish Blog by email or RSS feed. You’ll get in on the very first postings.

Do you know the difference between a Will and a Testament under English Law?  Watch this Genealogy Evidence Blog for the answer.  Coming tomorrow.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  It has snowed every day since last Thursday–almost 4 feet deep in my yard.  With icicles dripping from the eaves.  And all of the tree branches frosted with white–truly a welcome  wonderland.  After two years with little or no snow–what a gift.

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