Live from the Southern California Jamboree–

One of my favorite genealogy events is the annual Jamboree currently held in Burbank.  Where the weather in early June is especially pleasant.

I get a chance to purchase past periodicals to help complete the runs of title that I find so helpful and even essential to the professional research that I do.  This year I am concentrating on North and South Carolina.

And visit with old genealogy friends to learn of the projects that they are doing.  Booths in the exhibit hall demonstrate the new technical equipment and the projects that are now possible in genealogy.

And I attract donations to the Genealogy Library Center, Inc.–this year I get to bring home an original courthouse book of Infirmary Records from Scioto County OH.  Donated originally to the Immigrant Genealogical Society, it will now be in the Center to be preserved.  This volume includes the names of persons in the county infirmary with the amounts that were paid to care for them at tax payers expense.

One of my hardest research problems was solved from similar records that were secreted away in the walls of the courthouse annex in Georgia–to save them from Confedferate troops and their shenanigans.

So many thanks to the Immigrant Genealogial Library for this donation so that the book can be preserved.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned for more newly posted content on my website.  Kathryn and I are working overtime to complete a new nation-wide marriage index of entries not otherwise available.  And a current list of documents and collections donated to the Genealogy Library Center–more than 75 new donations.  And other content to help you trace your hard-to-find ancestors.  Stay tuned.

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