This is a special invitation for you from Arlene Eakle to attend the Northern California Family History Expo (held at the Crowne Plaza Sacramento Northeast on Date Ave, 28-29 June 2013). I am so excited about this event—because I am giving a grand prize of a $500.00 Research Package away.

This is a special invitation for you to attend the Northern California Family History Expo (held at the Crowne Plaza Sacramento Northeast on Date Ave, 28-29 June 2013).  I am very excited—because I am giving away a grand prize of a $500.00 Research Package.

Reason says Go with the Well-Known in Genealogy. Instinct says: Go with the Genealogy Know-How! And you have access to my Genealogy Know-how and field research experience–I travel regularly to Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky, and even Maryland–based on your research needs and those of my other research clients!

But, when you attend a Family History Expo, you don’t get just me and my genealogy know-how!  You get a whole array of amazing speakers and their know-how.  And these terrific benefits:

  1. “Learn the Tech to trace your roots” from experienced nationally/internationally known instructors, software developers, and successful researchers.
  2. Download, view, and study class handouts before the event so you can come prepared with questions to ask these experts.  Once you register, you have access to all the handouts, which are available online–whether you attend the classes or not.  Go to to register.
  3. Visit the Ask-the-Pros booth where you can bring your own personal genealogy questions to discuss with selected professional researchers present at the Expo—these experts vary at each EXPO.
  4. Check out the Exhibit Hall filled with vendors who have unique products and services selected just for you–One book vendor alone will have more than 600 separate book titles for purchase: books selected based on expert knowledge by Leland K. Meitzler, a genealogy research expert in his own right–he really knows what you need to be successful. And they are sold by Leland’s son Dale Meitzler and Dale’s wife, Tara who answer questions for you about each title.
  5. And Holly Hansen and her crew will have the most beautiful African baskets, woven in Ghana and shipped to her by Paul Ajai, who often speaks at EXPOs about his oral history projects in Ghana—where many American Blacks originate.
  6. You can bring your hardest-to-find genealogy problem to me, Arlene Eakle, for FREE personal help.  My time is free at the EXPO.  Be sure to bring your pedigree—on laptop or paper—and associated family groups. When I am not speaking, I can talk to you about your research needs.
  7. You have the opportunity to attend classes:  Speakers come from throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and Africa.  You can mingle, rub shoulders with, and talk directly with speakers and vendors:  This is a unique opportunity to increase your own knowledge and skills by sharing and networking with other genealogists present.  Including me—I am speaking three times.  See my Genealogy Event Schedule posted on this Blog 18 June 2013.
  8. Bloggers will be talking about the event via Twitter, Facebook, their own blogs, and other social media–join in the conversation and excitement–before the event and in the Exhibit Hall.
  9. You can win amazing door prizes each hour and grand prizes at the end of the Expo! You qualify to win these prizes by attending classes–Grand prizes include a professional research package valued at $500 offered by me, Arlene H. Eakle:  This is the only genealogy event where you can win my research help!

Reason says:  Go with the Well-Known in Genealogy.  Instinct says:  Go with the Genealogy Know-How.  (Borrowed from Grant

The Northern California Family History Expo offers you Genealogy Know-How based on experience, not just book-learning.  What a refreshing perspective awaits you!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS  And bring your pedigree and family group records with you for expert help from me and others anxious to see you succeed in your search for hard-to-find ancestors.


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