New Year Changes for the Better…or even the Worst–

Re-boot.  De-frag.  UN-do.  Re-fresh.  Take inventory.  The first weeks of the New Year are often allocated to assessment–and making changes for the better.  Or what appears to be the better.

Computer services, browsers, security systems–they have all updated and even dramatically changed the way we do business on the internet.

  • First, because they have added elements that do not interface well with what we already have.  So not everything functions better–it may not function at all.
  • Second, each program may have to be reset to match.
  • Third, not all error messages are equal.  Some identify the problem better than others.

So, please be patient with minor mal-functions on my blogs–and recall that I take computer lessons, hands-on lessons, every week for two hours.  Who could possibly predict that even 2-hours may not be enough time to learn and re-learn all that I need to know.

Hey, I have learned a ton of stuff this past year.  And I can even add illustrations and actual documents to Word-Processing.  Imagine!  Who would have thought that I could make such educational progress?  Stay tuned–I think the best is yet to come in 2014.  Your favorite genealogist of choice, Arlene Eakle

PS  I am really excited about what is coming in 2014–a new blog on researching the British Isles before 1700 [1650-1750]–launching 25 Mar 2014; a new format and curriculum for genealogy workshops and conferences–check my current speaking schedule ; new websites for online databases and pedigrees prepared by me from my extensive library holdings; newly available research sources and resources.  You won’t want to miss any thing, so stay tuned!



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