Minus 4 degrees–and no snow!

It is very cold, crackly cold. Where the ice makes noises whether you walk on it or not. At least, the snow has stopped. And the snow and ice are not melting.

I have set up auxiliary heaters along my coldest wall to warm them so the pipes don’t freeze. And I have turned on my lights–the ones with the old globes that create some heat. It is suggested that the taps be on so that some water is running through all the time–well if the pipes freeze, the water freezes and then runs all over the floors and through the ceilings. My experience has been like that. So the pipes are under my watchful eye.

My home is snug and warm at this time.

The freeway near here has “7 miles of road damage” as the DOT has labeled it–looks like a machine has come along all four lanes and shaved the top 3-4 inches off. With an 80-miles speed limit, it is a challenge to miss the ruts. Winter 2017 has taken a toll on Utah. And will continue to break the road surface up as long as it is cold and warm each day.

Now, I am aware that other parts of the US are also feeling the winter–I sympathize with them. And wish everybody well–including myself. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://arleneeakle.com

PS Check out my new blog “Be of Good Cheer” and the robots milking cows–it warms your heart to know that the cows love the machines.

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