Genealogical Evidence in Records and Sources – For Tracing German Ancestry

Typing live at the Immigrant Library in Burbank CA, and Kathryn will post it to my blog when she gets home.

Genealogy Research Strategies I am discussing:
1. Construct a Timeline
2. Research by Association
3. Use Mid-West Church Affiliations to find the European Church
4. Reconstruct Your IM-migrant Family
5. Search European Church Books for your EM-igrant:
. . . Verify Ancestor in Parish Records
. . . Build a Whole Family
. . . Incorporate Evidence Links
. . . Match Church Data to Other Documents

Why do I have IM bolded in immigrant and EM in emigrant?

An im-migrant is your ancestor in America. An em-igrant is your ancestor in the country of origin.

Stay tuned for my next installment on new IM-migrant – EM-igrant resources.

Your favorite genealogist,  Arlene Eakle

PS. I’ve sent emails to most who pre-ordered the Tennessee Genealogy book, but have missed some of you due to lack of email address. We’ve decided to add a last-minute appendix, so the ship date is delayed to May 10th.

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