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Your FREE, weekly Genealogy News will launch Monday 31 July 2006! Tell your genealogy friends and relatives to register directly on this site or send an email message to to be included for our very first Genealogy News episode: “The DaVinci Code” and Genealogy. You won’t want to miss each eye-popping installment. And, if you tell your friends, you can then discuss these provocative subjects, sharing your own insight and experience with our viewers.

In the beginning, most topics will be picked by your editor–me, Arlene H. Eakle–from genealogy problems and questions posed during seminars or consultations with genealogists around the country. Then, I expect suggestions and questions will be submitted by viewers–YOU–so we focus on where you are stuck in your own genealogy and what you want to learn. And, since great minds and hearts often beat to the same drummer, you can expect each time to glean something of value for your ancestors as well as happenings of interest you can use at parties and genealogy get-togethers to WOW your own circle of friends and relatives.

This is not the “same old, same old” you read and hear everywhere else! This is NEWS of the first shine. Tidbits for TN, KY, NC, AL, and other tough research places like New York and New Jersey will be inserted here and there to aid you over the rough spots. You can let me know of “hard” localities you want covered too.

The more feedback you supply, the more helpful the NEWS will be for you. And the more exhilarating an experience for each and every viewer.

What Genealogy News is not:

  1. A forum for controversy, although we may not always agree. Please share your own views freely, just don’t expect us to argue with you.
  2. Queries for lost ancestors– provides several formats where lost ancestors can be registered. You don’t have to “change the names to protect the innocent” as you share your own research experience. We welcome the benefit of your source finds and the research trail you followed.
  3. Ahnentafel and lengthy genealogies–although viewers will want you to share the names of ancestors you’ve traced successfully, just in case they descend from the same people.

You already know the fantastic quality and effectiveness of our Genealogy Research System, the Jurisdictional Approach (R) from attending seminars, reading our publications like Family History for Fun and Profit you have already purchased from me, or from having me trace one or more research lineages for you. So I will insert my expertise and finely-honed research skills in each and every weekly excursus, not just in footnotes to someone else’s comment. I have personally visited onsite the libraries and archives of 49 of the 50 states and three foreign countries. I have walked cemeteries, land grant boundaries–including river courses, mountain ranges, and dirt paths–seeking evidence of ownership and family relationships in each of these 49 states and three foreign countries. And I will share what I found–collections of little-known and almost never consulted sources, original documents deposited for preservation without any fanfare or publicity, rich deposits of photographs and maps found no-where else. Any fact of which could jump-start your genealogy.

Don’t miss an episode! Register or send your email today. Be sure our address is part of your RSS feed or listed in your own email address book so the SPAM DEVIL doen’t get me. And tell your genealogy friends and relatives to sign-up too. Genealogy News is a weekly to begin with, so we can get used to the schedule and I can learn the technology. Then it will be a daily news show–there is that much happening in Genealogy or that directly affects Genealogy today. Genealogy News is FREE.

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