How to Apply the Genealogy Research Process to your own Pedigree

If you attend the Mesa Arizona Family History Expo Friday 20 January and Saturday 21 January 2012, You will discover How to apply the Genealogy Research Process to your own pedigree.

I am privileged–ME, MOI, Yours truly–to deliver the Keynote Address of the Expo.

This is actually an expansion of the Keynote for the Yuma Expo (invited  you to attend in yesterday’s blog).  The Genealogy Research Process is such an important element in research success–finding your particular ancestor among all the candidates present in the original records.  Out of those who have the same name, who marry a spouse with the same name, whose place of birth is the same.

Even though each pedigree is unique, the same names are used over and over again.  Some are namesakes.  Some names are circulating and your ancestors parents chose the names that meant the most to them.  A few, with a little originality, chose a name they liked–sometimes in opposition to family naming patterns.

What is a genealogist to do? You are dependent upon the records:

  1. Those kept by the government.
  2. Those supplied by the military.
  3. Those generated from family traditions and legends by generations of family members.
  4. Those recorded by churches and employers.
  5. Those found hidden in little-known and often overlooked archives.

And what is a genealogist to do? If the records are missing from the shelf.  Or lost?

Attend the Keynote Address at the Mesa Family History Expo, 20 Jan 2012.  I’ll share with you ways you can use your current pedigree as a launching pad to your ancestry.

Not registered?  No problem.  Go to and register.  Once you are registered for the Expo, you can download the handouts for my other classes–see list below.

You cannot download a handout for the Keynote–there isn’t one.  You have to attend my presentation to learn the secrets for success.  Isn’t that a trip?

1.  How to Find Your Common Ancestors in American Congressional Records.  Friday at 4:50 pm.  This is a repeat.  I will also share how to use the U.S. National Archives website more effectively.  And I have permission to share a special handout from the Pacific Branch of the National Archives.  Attend class and get your name on the list.

2.  Tracing your Pedigree Ladies.  Saturday at 1:10 pm.  Couldn’t you just cry over those ladies?  This is a repeat of the topic from last year–with a chuck of new content.  You don’t want to miss this one.

3.  Tracing my Pennsylvania Ancestors–How did they get into Pennsylvania and Can I Document Them?  Saturday 2:30 pm.  A special segment will teach you how and where to find births, marriages, and deaths for Pennsylvania Ancestors–since Pennsylvania did not officially keep these records until after 1900!

And be sure to visit with me in the Exhibit Hall.  I’ll be there when I am not speaking.  You can ask questions about how to trace your hardest ancestor.  I would love to talk to you and share some success tips.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  And if you are about ready to give up on a tough genealogy problem, you can hire me.  I’ll be happy to extend your pedigree.  I do it every day–or most every day.


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