What I am doing on my Birthday…

Writing invitations to attend the Colorado Family History Expo 2-3 August 2013–where I am speaking at three sessions and manning a booth of selected books and white papers.  You can bring your hard-to-find ancestors for my personal genealogy research advice.

Preparing the Sherwood Collection–some 6 1/2 tons of documents–to move into the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. for processing.  And it will be over 100 degrees this afternoon.

I attended a brunch given in honor of my birthday (an the birthday of my neighbor Barbara Laycock) by Linda Johnston and attended by many of my neighbors and friends.  The food was wonderful.  And the conversation happy and relaxed.

Watering my 1/4 acre of grass and trees.  The trees are looking better since I have poured the water on this past three weeks.  No rain and little snow has made our neighborhood very dry and the trees are stressing.  One very large limb gave way on my tallest ash tree from the weight of the seeds.

Installing a bookcase donated by a friend to help me process another collection for the Library.  Each collection has its own set of shelves and file cabinet drawers.  Collections are not mixed or merged–even for the same surname.  Can’t interrupt the integrity of the research done for each set of families.

Checked into the birthday messages on my Facebook page–facebook.com/arleneeakle

My Dad said you didn’t do much if you could make a list of each and every thing you have done in a day.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay tuned for a description of the new doors about to be installed on the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. and The Genealogical Institute, Inc. and why I spent the money saved for my Elmo on new doors instead.

PPS  And be sure to check the map of the Irish Sea area on my Scots-Irish Blog, posted 29 June 2013.  Very useful map page.

PPPS  My webmaster, Kathryn Bassett, and I are preparing a new website to house and share (passworded for private use) client pedigrees.  I am very excited about the possibilities here and the initial client reaction has been ecstatic.  Stay tuned in.

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