Levelled by the Flu Bug–What an experience!

I’m back at work at last. I apologize.  I did not plan well and did not have any newsletters written ahead.  So when the body malfunctioned and the brain did too, there wasn’t a coherent thought to share.  Once I was no longer contagious, I began to finish research reports a little at a time.  I am not a good patient.  Ever!  Good thing I only get sick once in a great while.  Bad intestinal bug that swept through our neighborhood, schools, super market, etc.  I guess we all had to renew our immunity.

In the meantime, new collections have arrived for the Genealogy Library Center:

Volunteers come every Monday to the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. We process, catalog, and index research collections donated forpreservation and use.  You, too, can be a volunteer–come to 62 West Main Street, Tremonton UT—across from clock tower in new city park–on Monday (changed from Friday because there was less conflict–check my speaking schedule  at http://www.arleneeakle.com to ensure I am not out of town) and we’ll put you to work too!

Genealogy Research Collections We Have Received:

·         6 1/2 ton British Isles professional family and locality files (Sherwood Collection)

·         3-million entry slip index by Sherwood for British Court Documents

·         50,000 entry card index to German Churchbooks andEuropean and British Isles map and atlas collection (Conley Smith Collection)

·         32 file drawers of mostly Irish and American research files, including Hollywood celebrities (Harry Hollingsworth Collection)

·         5 Virginia databases–Northern Neck rent rolls, family notebooks, marriage records, land ownership maps (every-name index being compiled), “minutemen” (1774-1776) for Culpeper and Amherst counties

·         Chamberlain Families of America Collection–family notebooks, correspondence files, US Census entries and spreadsheets, family group records and pedigrees for 5 different Chamberlain lineages.

·         53 family research notebooks for major Virginia families, well documented (Brian Young Collection)

·         British Isles research files from professional genealogists, David E.Gardner and Phillip Dunn

·         Richard Price Associates Collection—5 legal-size drawers family groups (NEW)

·         Ron Bremer Collection of archive and library finding aids, with digital index; personal family research files (NEW)

·         M. Virginia Mills Collection—ca. 150 folders with accompanying family histories, Long Island NY, VA, New England families (NEW)

·         Jeremiah Smith Foundation Collection—Smiths in New York, family groups, copies of original documents, research files (being transferred in segments)

·         Wilburta Moore Collection—Hollingshead Family records

·         Anita Mott Collection—Mosser/Musser Family

·         Afton E. Reintjes Collection—Native American files, US Maps, Southern US research files (being transferred in segments) (NEW)

·         Thelma Cagle Collection—Moore Family Files

·         Carolyn Ackley Collection—professional research files

·         Woods Cross UT Collection—Large collection of documents, photographs, interview notes, genealogy charts used in the Bicentennial History of Woods Cross Utah, 1976. 

·         Jean Call Collection—Historical publications for Southern Davis County UT and Central Pennsylvania

·         German Research Card File of Frederick Walter Hilbig, 43 file drawers of reference cards—you can answer hundreds and hundreds of genealogy research questions with these cards

·         Horst Reschke Collection—German reference works, periodicals, European histories 

·         BlazzardCollection—Genealogy reference books and periodicals

·         Mrs. Helene B. Ault Collection—Research on the Spedden Family (NEW)

·         Wilma Adkins Collection—Census indexes, research notebooks, book collection of Rowene T. Obert, family histories.

·         Carolyn Rowley Collection (just received)

·         Specific family collections—Butler(NY, AL) , Davis (NY, New England), Brown (NC, TX), Roberts (NY, TN), Hoffman (PA, OH)

·         Kentucky Census Index Cards, 1810-1900—an independent reading of the original census records for all Kentucky counties from My Ancestors Found (NEW)

·         East Tennessee Collection—tax rolls, deed abstracts, census records.   We also have a master list of family genealogy collections in local E. TN and SW VA libraries.

·         Harry L. Carle Collection—Pennsylvania Genealogy—books, periodicals on Juniata Valley and Lancaster County

·         Dolly Zeigler Collection—300 volumes of American genealogy—NY, NJ, PA, VA, MD, NC

·         Doris Cline Ward—Genealogies:  Russell, Davis, Miller, Suitor, Kendall, Cline

·         Donald J. Martin Collection—Genealogies (not yet ready for public use); census indexes and genealogy reference books

 (Resources updated May 2008) 

The Genealogy Library Center, Inc.–A non-profit genealogy library established by Arlene H. Eakle and her husband, Alma D. Eakle, Jr. to preserve genealogy research manuscript collections and family history books that would otherwise be lost.  If you know of a collection in jeopardy or one that needs a home, please contact us:  435-257-6649 or arlene@arleneeakle.com

Be sure to tune in later this week for a special comparison of Everton’s Handybook with other versions of the same data–I was surprised, and I think you will be too.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle.

PS  Would you believe?  There is no definitive genealogy work on any subject.  Please watch this Genealogy News Sheet for details.  I promise to stick around this summer to share a ton of genealogy evidence with you.

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