The Family Tradition Is True !

Family members said that Minnie Shadid came to America just before her 16th birthday–through Mexico. So here in Fort Wayne, we searched the Mexican Border Crossings Index and records for her. BINGO!

#22, adm 9-21-07, Handouma Sheedid, 15, born Turkey, Syria, Syria, Morg Onjoun [Marjayoun, Lebanon], father: Josef Sheedid of Morg Onjoun, headed for Wichita KS

#21, adm 9-21-07, Sahda Sheedid, 21, born Turkey, Syria, Syria, Morg Onjoun, father: Salim Sheedid, headed for Sherman TX

They came in via Mexico through El Paso TX

We immediately (by we I mean Kathryn my webmaster–I am not that sophisticated yet on the computer–just learning) sent this great document to my client. He will be as excited as we are!

New pictures from Fort Wayne now loaded on website. See new links on Home Page to save you steps. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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