Heads Up on My Speaking Venues for the Next Few Months

On 15 September 2007, I am a speaker at the Northern Utah Genealogy and Family History Jamboree. Theme: Pirates of the Pedigree, featuring Dear Myrtle. The event will be at the Marriott Hotel, 247 24th Street, Ogden Utah 84401 from 8 am to 6 pm. Registration is $40.00 for all day if you register online at http://www.myancestorsfound.com If you register at the door, the price is $45.00. Co-sponsored by the Ogden Regional Family History Center, this is the 2nd Annual Northern Utah event. And I am so pleased to be included among the speakers.

My topics: 10:00 am Scottish Marriage Records. Scotland is one of the countries which recognized as valid, a wide variety of marriage ceremonies. Records of some are easier to find and use than others. If you have Scottish ancestors, you can break your losing streak with these records. 5:00 pm Close to Home: Records and Sources in Libraries and Archives Close to Home. My original text for this session is available under Articles on my Home Page. I am preparing a supplement to be handed out in class of other resources around the Ogden area. WOW! What a great time it is to be tracing hard-to-find ancestors.

5-6 October 2007, Montana State Genealogical Society, 18th Annual Conference, Billings MT. I am speaking 4 times: 1) 10:30 am, 5 Oct–Tracing Ancestors Who Lived in Cities; 2) 1:30 pm 5 Oct–Migration Patterns into the Central United States; 3) 4:30 pm 5 Oct–Tracing Native American Ancestors;  4) 10:30 am 6 Oct–Researching Scots-Irish Ancestors.  Register at http://www.rootsweb.com/~mtmsgs/msgs2007conferenceflyer.pdf 

The last week of November 2007, I am doing 5 (count them–five) sessions on Church Records at My Ancestors Found Research Retreat at the Family History Library. You can register for that program at their website too. My syllabus will include key online church resources as well as records available at the Family History Library and on loan at its many local Centers. 5 days of research assistance from professional genealogists who can shorten your search time and lengthen your pedigree–including me. I will be there all five days to help you find your ancestors.

From 2 Dec-8 Dec 2007, Leland Meitzler’s Heritage Christmas Tour meets at the Family History Library. Some veteran genealogists of this Tour have come every December for more than 20 years building pedigrees from the US, Canada, the British Isles including Ireland, and Europe–including me. Register for this event at http://news.genealogytoday.com/tours/

14 professional genealogists will be on hand to guide you as you research your ancestors. A highlight of each tour is Bill Balter’s photo op on Temple Square with the snow and the Christmas lights, and the excitement of the Season. You can bring your digital camera and learn how to do all sorts of cool things with it.

12 January 2008 (can you believe that we are this close to 2008?), I speak at the San Diego Genealogical Society Seminar:

  1. The Appalachian Triangle: Southwest Virginia, Eastern Tennessee, Southeast Kentucky, and Northwest North Carolina. This is one of the toughest areas to trace ancestry. And I have some brand new resources to share with you!
  2. How to Find Birth, Marriage, and Death Dates Prior to 1900. Once state-wide registration begins, many of the most creative and productive resources stop. Lists, lists, and more lists are available.
  3. Tracing the Ladies on your Pedigree. How to identify maiden names and places of origin for 50% of your ancestors.
  4. Dusting Off the Family Skeletons. If you think no one cares anymore about skeletons in the closet–think again. I will also discuss the legal issues of sharing more than we want or need to know.

This event will be held at the Handlery Hotel Resort, San Diego CA, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. To reserve your space, call Gloria 619-298-2447.

At each of these events, I will have my 3/4-ton truckload of publications and books for sale at special discounts for attendees.  I reserve special prices for those who come to hear me and other speakers suggest how to trace hard-to-find ancestors with ease.

Will I see you at one or more of these events?  Since I did not do a lot of speaking the last few years, I have been revising all of my syllabus materials and writing new publications for the British Isles and updating much of my stuff–just for you.  Your favorite genealogy evidence guru, Arlene Eakle

PS  You will get a preview of some of the exciting new genealogy research records and sources available by staying tuned.

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