New Genealogy Research Guides Published in 2015

At Roots Tech 2016, Holly Hansen and Family History Expos introduced for the first time all together, the new Genealogy Research Guides published in 2015–all 12 titles were on display. PDF descriptive flyer. This link will show the titles.

Please take a minute to view these new titles. You can get them on or through Family History  Holly, James Tanner, Ruth Maness, Marlo Schuldt, and I with our guest writers Judy Wight, Ruby Coleman, and Billy Edginton, worked very hard to bring you the very best genealogy research advice both online and offline.

And I would hate you to miss out on solving your hardest genealogy problems, if you want to do the work yourselves. You would not forgive me if I didn’t alert you to these new guides. And what’s more, I attended all of the online sessions–which you can do too by acquiring the accompanying DVDs presenting each class and the full power points with many illustrations, sample documents, maps, screen shots, and online instruction. I can personally vouch for the helpful and often unique information each instructor shared.

These guides with their DVDs are even better than attending an Expo in person–there are  questions and answers as if the participants were in the classroom. And each and every book has my writing in several chapters. And my voice-over and power points. [Remember when I made my first power point? Now they contain maps, documents, and important genealogy facts and case studies!]  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS If I do say so myself, seeing all 12 books in a row on a shelf is impressive. Let me know if you agree. Ha!

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