Nebraska and Genealogy–

Several years in a row I spoke at the Nebraska Genealogical Society annual conferences–these events moved around the state because it is a long way to drive from one end of Nebraska to the other end.  Each event was held in a local hotel big enough to accommodate the crowd of genealogists attending–but not so big that the personal relationships were strained.

I thought this state society was out in front–about every three years or so, every member  could attend a state event.  Several years, I was one of those members.

Then along came the last annual meeting and conference–12 people attended! 12 only!  What has happened to Nebraska genealogy?

On September 12 and 13 2014, Family History Expos is hosting their MidWest Expo in Kearney at the Holiday Inn convention Center.  I’m speaking–4 presentations:

  1. Keynote Presentation, with Holly Hansen, Family History is a Love Story.  I invite you to discover the importance of the marriage in the lives of your ancestors.  Did you know  at least 16 official records could be created for each marriage performed?
  2. New England Ancestors:  New Research Strategies that Work–All levels.  This presentation will focus on two specific research strategies:  1) Before you begin searching the records for your New England ancestors, spend some time learning the Jurisdictions of the state where your ancestors say they originate.  Each state is different.  And these differences affect what records exist AND WHERE TO FIND THEM.  2)  Naming Patterns–the 21st century explosion in DNA projects, tied each time to surname by direct descent, brings a new and perhaps unknown dimension to your research. How this dimension will affect naming patterns remains to be seen–its still too early to tell.  So a cautionary note–back up all DNA evidence with actual documents each and every time.  We will focus on the computer databases and special sources which list names with origins.  Your ancestors may already have been located in a specific place or body of source material–just waiting for you to discover them.
  3. The Scots-Irish peopled Scotland, colonized Ireland, and settled the American frontier. Experienced level. The British created the “Plantation System” originally to plant Protestants, who were loyal to the Crown, into heavily Catholic provinces, where the people were fiercely disloyal to the Crown because of their religion. Then this Plantation System was established in America to accommodate transplanted British subjects to the New World colonies–both desirable and undesirable–creating new and often still unsearched records for your ancestors.
  4. Using Immigration Sources to Document Foreign Places of Birth (ORIGINS).  Experienced level.  You must know the specific place of origin to search in foreign countries,  Begin with what you know and add to those facts as much as you can from American records first. Examples:  Church affiliation, military loyalties, political conflicts–for choice of neighborhoods to settle in, for cemeteries to be buried in, to explain the wording of wills and other property documents.  Church affiliation in the U.S. can identify the right church, in Europe, to search–and by law, the province or kingdom.

If you have been hungering for a good old genealogy conference where you can learn the latest search techniques and the easiest sources to extend hard-to-find ancestors–register right away for this MidWest Family History Expo.  

And order the printed syllabus.  You can print out the handouts for those classes you plan to take, once you have registered.  If you get the whole syllabus, you will also get the handouts for a whole year of genealogy events!  I have 15 different handouts in this 2014 Syllabus.  Ruby Coleman has 8 handouts, including a new one on the Nebraska Homestead Records Online!  And you get the handouts of speakers who will not be with us in Kearney, like Stephen Morse and Billy Edgington–Billy’s handout on the Miller Roll (Cherokee) Applications is especially valuable.  Over 335 pages of genealogy knowledge!

Nebraska Genealogy is on the edge of real achievement–don’t be left behind.  Register to attend today.  And bring your pedigree chart and family charts for FREE, expert help tracing your hard-to-find lines.  I’m in the exhibit hall when I am not speaking. And you can ask me questions to your heart’s content.  I’m also bringing a bunch of my research publications that address specific research needs.  And you can browse through them and buy those you find of greatest interest to take home for the long winter months coming.
Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  It’s up to us to jump-start genealogy again in Nebraska.  Will you help?

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