9/11 is Celebrating 10 Years–Will you Remember?

Do you remember 9/11?  Have you forgotten?

Usually I try to avoid political commentaries in my blogs.  My blogs identify resources you may not have tried or overlooked in your genealogy research. You don’t need to be preached to.

However, enough is enough!

What idiot designed a celebration omitting first responders?

The victims who lost their lives because they worked or had business in the Twin Towers, did not choose to die.  They were true victims of the heinous acts of terrorists.

First responders chose to enter that scene to rescue and save.  They are heroes who gave their lives for others.  Even if it was their job, they took upon themselves life-changing injuries, the potential for debilitating diseases, and sudden death if they miscalculated the threat.

Those of you who are invited to attend, who did not lose loved ones on 9/11:  Give up your seat!

Those of you who planned the celebration:  Give up your seat!

Those of you whose motives are strictly political and loaded with hypocrisy:  Give up your seat!

Those of you who remember 9/11 and the sheer terror you felt when you realized America’s innocents had been targeted:  Refuse to take your seat!

Without those who were willing to give their lives in your behalf–what kind of a celebration will it be?  Not enough room to seat them?  Not enough?

Will you remember the sacrifice these first responders made for you and your loved ones?  First responders deserve to be celebrated by a grateful country!

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle, who does remember 9/11 with clarity and will always remember!

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