Revolutionaries and Genealogy: Relationships by Blood or Marriage.

26 August 2017, the Wall Street Journal carried an article by Donato Paolo Mancini and Jon Sindreu–“Probes of Attacks Bring Out Sibling Ties as Central Theme.” Check it out. Written in Ripoli Spain:

As authorities piece together how a group of young Muslim men from a small town pulled off the deadliest terrorist onslaught in Spain in more than a decade, one relationship is emerging as central: brotherhood.
At least three sets of siblings were involved…

In my study of the Loyalists during the American Revolutionary War, one of the central evidences that is emerging–relationships by blood and marriage. It is these relationships that protect the Loyalists,  fund, and support their activities: giving them safe haven between attacks, repairing their boats and tack, covering their tracks when brought into court or put under judgment.

A revolutionary of any kind requires local support and sustenance to carry out events or attacks. Without local support, continuous involvement isn’t possible. Stay tuned. I’m preparing for a seminar and I will share my evidence with you, gentle reader, too. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle 

PS Stay tuned in!

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