Colorado Springs Family History Expo–Coming Tomorrow

We drove across Wyoming and Colorado today, Holly Hansen and I.  Holly driving my heavily loaded van, and me nursing 3 cracked ribs–feeling guilty because I could not lift anything nor help do the driving.

  1. With great anticipation and excitement for the Colorado Springs Family History Expo!
  2. With a caravan of people and EXPO materials from base to roof in each vehicle.
  3. And me with a new presentation on the Scots-Irish.
  4. And a special, extra handout for attendees to be given out in class.
  5. And with copies of an original, full-color map of the Irish Plantations established across Ireland in the 16th and 17th centuries–available for sale at my tables in the Exhibit Hall.

2012-13 has been an eventful year already for me in many ways.  And a disaster health-wise. Oh, I’m healthy, and strong, and filled with more energy than the day will usually accommodate.

However, 2 bouts of whooping cough, a parasite bug that nearly leveled me, and now cracked ribs. Makes me feel like I am back in nursing school acquiring every malady that we studied in class.  Can’t stop me, however.  Like the Energizer Bunny, I just keep on truckin’…

Been evaluating research and building pedigrees for hard-to-find ancestors. Then identifying  those areas that need additional research to prove.

Been also spending days at my Genealogy Library Center–getting ready to bring in large collections so they can be processed for public use.  Installing new doors across the front of the building for added security and beauty. Re-surfacing the floor in the back section so we can put the carpet down and bringing in the 8 X 8 ft carpeted cutting tables on which we will sort and preserve the original documents in acid-free environments.

Been laminating maps and charts so they can be secured once I get a new map case.

As usual, when I sort and prepare collections for the Library I discover so much material that will help trace hard-to-find ancestors.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  Stay tuned for more details on the EXPO and what I learn–for I always learn from those who attend and those who come to talk with me about their own ancestors.


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