You shouda been here!

The Salt Lake Christmas Tour is coming to an end–nothing left to do but eat pie and ice cream–and sign up for the airport shuttle to fly home.

And…you shoulda been here all week!

Working from our own little world–the glass consultants’ booth on the third floor of the Family History Library–we have made breakthroughs on 20-year-old research problems for several attendees. And we have prepared for research to continue next year–2011.  Same week.  Same place.  And a lot of the same people.  You could be here!

You could plan now to be a part of the Salt Lake Christmas Tour next year.  Ten professional consultants helping with records on each floor and each area of the world, including ME, MOI, yours truly.  Just think what you could accomplish with me taking you by the hand and leading you to your ancestors!  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene H.Eakle.

PS  All week long, technicians have been at work on the Family History Library Catalog.  Right while you type in a request, the screen changes before your eyes, refuses to accept your  request or tells you the signal is gone.  Hopefully in 2011 all of the changes will be made and shifted to the new format.

PPS  Stay tuned–I have found some extraordinary new stuff to share with you.

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