“Hey Abe, you don’t need to text and drive…”

Seen on the information screen over the Interstate today: “Hey Abe…” President’s Day joining Abraham Lincoln and George Washington into a single, Federal Holiday. Banks and Post Offices closed, schools closed, some businesses closed. Most shopping areas open, but not many cars in the parking lots. Lots of policemen in cars along the road, driving with the traffic and hiding off-road.

It brought a smile to my lips-I still don’t know how to text. My “smart phone” now updates automatically–I just have to turn it on. And I am learning to charge the battery every day. I can read books on the screen, take pictures with the camera, identify the ring-tones of specific people, use the GPS system to find a hotel, and odd things. Don’t know how to use the apps although I was told that I have almost 100 of them on this phone.

Since President’s Day followed Valentine’s Day by one day only, Valentine’s got swallowed up in honoring Abe and George. Even the cookies suffered-more brownies than hearts. The candy isles, however, overflowed with red and white hearts. No cookie cutters for Abe and George either. Their profiles could lead to easy recognizing–especially in chocolate.

George Washington wrote about his ancestors in his journals and letter. His pedigree is painted on the wall in the entry-way at Mount Vernon. They gave me permission to take as picture of it because it was not available in print. Could I be the only person who wanted a copy? Although he had no children by Martha, he raised her children and considered them his.

The pedigree included some high-powered ancestors and some I was not well acquainted with. But I collect pedigrees and when the walls are finished in my Library, these pedigrees both high and low will adorn the walls. Like the little Mickeys all over Disneyland, little pedigrees will greet you when you come to visit the Genealogy Library Center.

So, if you have pedigree you would like to share–send me a copy. And you just might find it on the walls in Tremonton, Utah. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS My flag is half-mast for justice Antonin Scalia. His voice will be missed.

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