Southern California Jamboree–all this weekend!

The Jamboree takes place this weekend at the Marriott Hotel in Burbank.  And I am very excited about it. The genealogy year was not fully off to a good start until the Jamboree was held.

So I am planning to attend.  Will I see you there? 

My exhibit booths are #706-07.  Where you can review all of my new books–those written and published since I was here last–to decide which new research strategies apply to your own ancestry.  My books are also available online at 

Kathryn Bassett, my webmaster, has worked super hard to get our new Online Bookstore functioning for you.  Not all of the parts are there yet–ordering genealogy research online will be coming soon–but the store is all new and friendly to use.

You can attend my classes on Saturday and Sunday–I always bring extra handouts which you won’t want to miss.  And my presentations are on powerpoint–a new learning experience for me.  And I have coordinated them with materials only available in my blogs.

When you come to the Jamboree bring your hard-to-find ancestors with you.  I invite you to let me help you–Isn’t it time to break your losing streak?  My research skills and experience are broad and I will be glad to point you in the direction where you can discover the answers.

Or, if you would rather. you can assign the problem to me and I will find the answers for you–you can have all the fun of the discovery–you just won’t have to do the hard work.  My fees are affordable and guaranteed.  And you can place your order in person.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  This is your chance to speak with me personally about the ancestors that intrigue you most!

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