Happy Birthday, President Reagan!

I don’t usually write this blog on Sunday.  Today is a special Sunday–100th birthday celebration for President Ronald Reagan kicks off today with events in Simi Valley CA at the Presidential Library.  Even the Super Bowl will pay tribute to this president.  And current President Barak Obama is studying the policies and persona of Reagan as model.

So it just didn’t seem fitting not to share my own thoughts about this remarkable man.  A movie actor of some skill with the ability to capture our attention and focus it on the role he played at the moment.

This same skill pulled Russian leaders, eventually, to his way of thinking.  And at a time when the “red telephone” played a prominent part in the media as well as in discussions over the breakfast table in most US homes, Reagan’s assurance that we could resolve our differences by talking made us wince.

Reagan kept his promises–and chose his time to act carefully.  We gasped, they gasped, and the people tore down the Wall.  No bombs fell.  The President grinned.  And we are still here–on both sides of the world.

So Happy Birthday Ronald Reagan! And we’ll celebrate your life and accomplishments all year long.

Check USA Today, Weekend Edition, 4 Feb 2011 for a calendar of events near you.   Let’s turn out and celebrate–      your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS  This coming weekend,  10-12 Feb 2011, I will help Holly Hansen man her Family History Expos booth at the Roots Tech Conference sponsored by FamilySearch and other major players in genealogy.  Holly was one of the first sponsors and attendees to sign up for this important event.  Will we see you there?   Family History Expos is giving away a large, FREE LED computer monitor.  Will you win?

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