Do I Register or Do I Subscribe?

Readers are confused whether to Register or Subscribe to this Genealogy News Sheet and to my other blogs as well.  Each is a different process:

Register to make comments
Registering for the blog has nothing to do with your receiving it as an email as described below on Subscribe to Blog.  It has to do with being able to post a comment when you are viewing the blog online. You have to register in order to be able to do that. You will get an email with a password, automatically generated by the blogging software. Then you can log in and post a comment. You give yourself a username  and password when you register, and use that to log in to make a comment on a post.

I still need to approve the comment–so it won’t immediately show up. This is so spammers can’t comment.  (There were hundreds of gosh-awful comments from spammers when we first began to do this Genealogy News Sheet!)

And I encourage your comments.  I have learned a great deal from the comments and the emails I get from you.

Subscribe to Blog

There are two ways to be notified of new posts on this Genealogy News Sheet:

If you are already familiar with blogging and have an RSS Reader, just add me to your reader.

If you would like to be notified via email, copy this line:

Now go to

On the left, you’ll see “Not registered? Sign up here.”  You need to sign up. (Don’t worry about the implications that it’s only good for a 30-day free trial – it remains free if you are willing to put up with ads.)

Once you have signed up (including getting the your subscription activation  via email) log in, then click on “Subscriptions,”  then on “New.”

Now paste the line from above into the provided box and click on subscribe, and you will automatically get blog updates in your email box.

If you subsequently want to unsubscribe  go back to FeedBlitz, log in, click on “Subscriptions,” then on “Your Subscriptions.”  Take the checkmark out of the box and click on “Update Subscriptions.”

These instructions also appear under Pages on the right-hand menu on each blog.

I have registered separately and subscribed to the Genealogy News Sheet, so that I get the same notifications you do.  That way if something stops–since all websites and servers are constantly changing their formats–I will know what to tell my webmaster.   Your favorite Genealogy Evidence Guru, Arlene Eakle (email link on Home Page)

PS  I have a very active speaking schedule this year.  Check it out and if you are anywhere near, please come and say hello.  I can assure you that my sessions are well attended, with handouts that enable you to apply genealogy research strategies that guarantee a 96% success rate.  Remember: I will search for your hard-to-find ancestor.  Or, teach you how to find him.

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