You Can Become a Genealogy Expert!

Its a fact! Just one hour a day of concentrated and focused study produces an expert over time. There are some behavioral scientists who believe that 30 minutes per day will do it.

Creation and publication of a family tree, a genealogy, a family history is an achievement in truth. At least it should be. Yet, in print and across the internet are some of the most appalling examples of what we call genealogy–

  1. People who live 200 years.
  2. Children born in places that don’t exist, then or now.
  3. Women giving birth at Biblical ages.
  4. Sources cited as documentation that do not name the ancestor or mention any member of the family.
  5. And, links to royal families that don’t connect.

From where I sit, straddling the divide between manual–writing on paper with pen and ink–and digital–converting written records to readable text on the computer screen, expertise is badly needed. Knowledge and experience of research tools are required.

If you are serious about creating and sharing an accurate and acceptable family record for your own ancestors, or ancestors that belong to friends or clients, I invite you to take this genealogy challenge–

Become a Genealogy Expert! Think how you will feel knowing that you have found the right ancestors, not just those who have the same name. It really is possible to solve 20-year genealogy problems. Identify the right ancestors. Place them on your pedigree. Then start over with the next generation; or, follow the same steps on an entirely new lineage. The same result–a lineage you can share with pride, knowing that it is correct.

So I write this and other blogs that begin with the bibliography for specific subject matter. To give you a beginning point for your own expertise. Like building a wealth portfolio–you begin with one book or source and then check and study other works and sources that are recommended.

Step by step you become more knowledgeable. You may even read a book a day. And become familiar with a new genealogy resource each day. Actually investing more than an hour a day. [For subjects or sources that interest you, you’ll discover that one hour is simply not enough to satisfy your desire to know more.] And, if you decide you would like your genealogy prepared by someone else–you can select me. I am one of those genealogy experts who can do the work for you. Your knowledge then, allows you to follow what I am doing. You will know what to expect and how to determine what is accurate and what is not. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Stay in touch–I have 7 blogs and numerous books to introduce you to.

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