Compiling a Genealogy is an Art

Researching a genealogy and the lives of individuals that make up your family tree is not a scientific endeavor. A genealogy is a work of art. You will spend time gathering the records and examining what they say. Do they match and agree on facts and dates? Do they challenge each other with conflicting evidence? Can you link generations together? Can you arrive at some truth from the things these records say? How many sources do you need to examine? All of these questions and many more considerations are addressed in these four new works.

Fundamental conclusions are based on records that are accurately extracted, fully and carefully documented, and thoroughly evaluated and compared. The document trail enables anyone to study the evidence used and gauge the accuracy of the work. And the results are most often discovered over time. Fast and furious does not allow for feedback and historical perspective.

Spring Study Bibliography–For a new and broader perspective in 2015–

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I can promise you that your own genealogy work will be changed forever, if you accept my invitation to re-learn the research process.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  My perspective is different after being exposed to these thoughtful works. Why not join me?


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