Live from the Redding CA Family History Expo!

The Keynote Address by Barry Gordy is underway.  And I am starting to get butterflies in the pit of my stomach–this afternoon, I will be doing my only power point presentation.  Holly Hansen who organizes these go rounds, wants me to shift all of my presentations to power point.  The sheer time and cost to do so is scary.   And the learning curve alone is almost a barrier–although I am still taking classes to learn  to operate a computer more effectively.

Ha!  Since my whole system is still down and I am using a borrowed computer to type this blog entry!

How does this apply to your genealogy?  And mine?

Throwing away the early notes and records kept by your relatives.  Discarding a pedigree because it isn’t documented–a common frailty  of the inexperienced genealogist who sits in on workshops where the teacher says, “You might as well throw it all away if it isn’t documented.”

You begin with genealogy supplied by family.  You continue with genealogy supplied by family.  You end with genealogy supplied by family.  Don’t allow anyone to convince you differently.

Sure there will be errors. That is why you research the records. And you will find errors in official documents  and original recordings of  the very information you seek.

Use the Research Process (and my version of it guarantees your success rate will be 96%, see my booklist on the Home Page) ) to collect enough information that the errors are obvious and correctable.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  More from the conference later!

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