Some important genealogy housekeeping updates from Tremonton Utah–Some real cool happenings!

1.  My beloved GMC Sierra 1/2-ton pickup truck still sits in my driveway.  With a remarkable bill of health–having just passed a timely lube and check-up with no major problems evident.  And still giving me 16-22 miles per gallon! How cool is that?

With 442,000 miles to be exact, this truck is an amazing friend.  Still comfortable to ride in.  With paint and body intact.  With cleaned upholstery showing very little wear, although the truck is now 14 years old.  With insurance renewed.

I am extremely proud of what this vehicle represents.  I can still transfer the boxes and boxes of genealogy research collections and nearly 20,000 research and reference books from my home and garage to my Genealogy Library Center, Inc. in Tremonton Utah.

The more than 4 feet of snow that fell on us all this winter is just about melted.  And the trees are beginning to bud.  The air smells of Spring.  And hope is renewed that the bone-chilling cold will subside for good.

I don’t know about you, but Spring always energizes me!  I want to clear away the cobwebs and jump-start anew the genealogy work I am involved in.  Knowing that my truck can handle the job of moving this precious, significant stuff is great news.  The moving begins this week.

2.  Sitting beside my dark grey GMC pickup in the driveway is a new, gleaming white Dodge Grand Caravan Mini-Van.  Low slung with seats that disappear into the floor–giving me a flat bed the size of my pickup truck.  The driver’s seat shifts to the exact position my small frame requires to be above the road so I can see.  And the gas-pedal and brake advance to accommodate my shorter legs.    The gas mileage ranges from 20-27 miles per gallon. How cool is that?

3.  Work continues on the Genealogy Library Center, Inc. to  reestablish the roof which collapsed on the back of the building.  The three broken gas lines have been replaced and secured to an entirely different part of the building for greater protection.  There was no damage to the building contents–including all the precious collections that have been given to the Library Center to preserve! How cool is that?

The roof will be raised on earth-quake proof supports very shortly.  And the insurance company has accepted the claims for repairs.  A new insurance policy is now in place with expanded coverage after careful review of essentials

A careful examination of the library shelving which prevented the collapsed roof from breaking.  And a review of the main part of the building, shows no damage to interior walls, floors, door frames, furnace ducts, roof drains, etc.

And all of the precious and significant genealogy materials and equipment are safe and unharmed.  A little cold from the disruption and loss of heat.  Still safe and secure under tarps and in cabinets.  How cool is that?

This Library is a dream of mine and very important to the work that I do.  Established by my husband Alma and I to house the research work of genealogists which might be otherwise thrown out and lost to us all–because of lack of space or interest to preserve it.

Watch this blog for an update in collections received and their significance to your hardest-to-solve genealogy research challenges.  A substantial portion of client research fees that come to me are devoted to the maintenance and expansion of this Library. And almost every genealogy event that I participate in, someone  brings me boxes of new stuff to be preserved.  How cool is that?

Your favorite professional genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  If you know of a collection that needs a safe place to be preserved, let me know.  435-257-6644 (new–not yet in the phone book).  I can still come pick it collections in my new mini-van–most of the time just those West of the Mississippi.  Some times beyond.




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