Research Files compiled and preserved by the LDS Church

Research Department Patron Files, ca. 1928-1966, and Indexes. 4,018 microfilm reels; 16 and 35 mm. Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1965-1970, 1976. Genealogical research notes, family group records, pedigree charts, and correspondence between the Research Department and the person or family sponsoring the research. The correspondence may include the actual data sent by researchers to the Department and reported to the patron.

The files contain names and dates of ancestors copied from records not otherwise available–and may not have been microfilmed or digitized to date. Please do not conclude that because your family was never connected to the LDS Church that these files will not help you. Entries from church books were by spans of dates and included more than one surname. Your ancestor could be waiting for you to discover these remarkable files.

How to search: Access to these files is by indexes under the heading “Major Indexes to Research Department Patron Files.” Following the indexes, description of several other indexes are included. (These other indexes were compiled for internal control purposes and do not provide access to the files. However, they may occasionally provide information of value to researchers.)

CARD INDEX TO PATRON’S PEDIGREE SURNAMES–Includes name of locality where patron’s ancestor resided, surname of ancestor, period of years in which the ancestral family was known to have lived in the locality, and the name of the patron having the research done. Index incomplete; includes four counties only. Locate desired ancestral surname in the portion of the index covering the ancestor’s place of residence. Then find the microfilm numbers for those patrons’ research files by using the Card Index to Microfilm Patron Files.

Research Department Patrons, Stakes, & Mission Files, prior to 1955
Compiled by the Cataloging Dept. for the Genealogical Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Typescript Photocopy, 1967. [87] L.

Register of Research Department patron files
Compiled by the Cataloging Section of the Genealogical Society, 1967.
2 vols. (553; 52, 52 p.)

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS LDS ancestors come from many countries, and these files may be the only record in America of these ancestors.


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