A Great Genealogy Learning Experience!

A great learning Conference, in my opinion, includes:

1.  Presentations by speakers who are genealogy experts–who know what works!

2.  Speakers who are willing to share what they know–from the stage, in syllabus handouts, in books they have written, on CDs and DVDs, all of which you buy to take home for further study.

3.  Speakers willing to mingle with attendees to answer genealogy research questions at the event and who share email contacts for questions that arise later.

4.  Vendors who have brought books and software to match topics in the program.

5.  Demos of products designed to find ancestors and prove their connection to you–You pay for the privilege of learning the “tech to trace your roots.”  You deserve a learning experience.

And Holly Hansen’s Mid-West Family History Expo will be an incredible learning conference!
This is a genealogy conference that incorporates most of the elements listed above as an ideal genealogy learning experience:  This EXPO is 29-30 July 2011 at the Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Blvd, Overland Park, Kansas – 66211.  Register at http://familyhistoryexpos.com

Let me describe this event from my perspective as a speaker and as a vendor in the exhibit hall.  You will recognize some of these elements, because for more than 20 years, I was a speaker and exhibitor every July in the greater Kansas City area.  I celebrated my birthday with you–we even had cake together!

Learn more than you have ever learned before!
At the Family History Expo, many of the speakers, including the keynote speaker, the Friday evening banquet speaker, and Moi, Me, I are also vendors in the exhibit hall.  And many of the technical presentations occur in the exhibit hall.  This allows attendees to interact and speak with presenters–ask your tough questions, clear up mis-information, prepare in a real way to track your own tough ancestors.

You can also visit the Ask-the-Pros booth manned by Billy Edginton and backed up by speakers who have agreed to answer your research questions in the exhibit hall–so bring your charts to show us.

Speakers have their books and software in the exhibit hall for purchase. If not at their own booths, at the Family History Expos booth.  You can go home with all the aids to continued learning you could want.  None are threatened by black-listing for sharing what you have paid to learn.

Each speaker is allowed to describe appropriate books and software, right in their sessions, which support their subject matter. Their handouts include these items and where to get them.  And vendors and speakers give demos on their products at specified times.  Some vendors provide additional hands-on learning at their booths.

The syllabus includes over one hundred class handouts–with study bibliographies, illustrations, checklists, and other learning aids.  You can get it on CD (included with registration), online to download whatever parts you want (included with registration), or in print–available to purchase separately and take your notes right in class.  The syllabus is like a genealogy how-to book that keeps teaching and training you long after the class is only a memory.  Someone said to me,”I wish I knew what you know.”  I replied, “You can with study, experience, and continued learning.”  You, too, can continue to learn.

“Learn the Tech to Trace your Roots” is the motto for each EXPO–in classes, in up-dated handouts, in the latest software, and in electronic gadgets that make technology an “easy button” for your genealogy.  Never again will you feel as if learning is limited or rationed.

Come and gather all the knowledge you want.  The Keynote address and the Exhibit Hall are free.  You can breeze in anytime you want.  If you stay to attend classes, you must register.

And I will be there to greet you.  My classes are either brand new or completely revised for 2011–you won’t want to miss even one minute or one page of these presentations:
Friday–11:30 am      Where do I come from in Virginia?  Migration into and Around Virginia NEW
Saturday–8:00 am    How to Document the “Common Man” in British Isles Land Records NEW
Saturday–9:30 am    Scots-Irish Genealogy Records Updated
Saturday–11:00 am  American Court Records (I am covering Leland Meitzler’s “Flames Over the Courthouse” presentation)  Updated

And bring your hardest-to-find ancestor for my research suggestions.  Let’s break your loosing streak!
Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle   http://arleneeakle.com

PS  I’d still like to celebrate my birthday with you!

PPS  In the words of a recent attendee:  “Arlene, Thank you so much–I got so much out of your classes at the Loveland Expo.  I’ve started reading your past blogs.  If I can absorb even half of the information you present, I will be thrilled…I did get the book that includes information on the Ruddle and Bowman families and their German background.  That arrived yesterday and I’m anxious to start reading.”

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