Inauguration Day–A Celebration of Democracy

Today was an immersion day for me–watching America install a new president. This event has taken place every 4 years since 1789, a commonplace day and day for miracles. That is what they called it. And that is the way it came across to me.

The pageantry, and the precision of each event, I enjoyed the parade. One journalist said, “Tractors? I have never seen a tractor as part of a parade.”

“What?” I said to myself. I live in a farming community and every parade held here has the biggest and the most impressive tractors manufactured. Huge tractors with tires as big as a house! Every parade. Rural America has more tractors almost than cars. And I waited with anticipation for the tractors. And although they were not big they were new and shiny and impressive.

But the marching bands, waves of marching bands. And military units walking in formation. Full uniforms. Bagpipes. Drummers with flashing batons. And drum majors and baton twirlers. And music. I loved it all.

Every four years since 1789, the American people have inaugurated a new president and his administration peacefully with pageant and patriotism. And I am proud to be an American.

I also tried to calculate just how many people it takes to put on an inauguration–clergy to say the prayers, singers and bands, technicians, security personnel ( including 70,000 police officers), news media, sign makers, designers, and artists–and on and on and on. Where are the work applications and security clearances and payrolls? Think about it.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS It snowed another four inches yesterday and one inch today. Snow is predicted every day through next Thursday! Already I am walking between 4-foot snow banks to get to my drain to keep it clear. I shoveled myself a walkway when it first snowed and I have cleared the path with each new storm. The rest of Utah does not have snow like this–just us. And if we didn’t need it so badly, I would complain!

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