Did you know that attendance at genealogy conferences is breaking all records this year?

Did you know that attendance at genealogy conferences and seminars is at an all-time high?  Huge crowds of eager and alert genealogists have descended upon American cities, both large and small this year! 

The Alameda County event is no exception.  Already, 10 days out, all of the slots for genealogy consultation at the “Ask-the-Pros” Booth in the exhibit are filled.  Filled up!  You can stopp by for research help–and take your chances for a no-show. 

Or, you can stop by my Booth, #38 (usually facing the Family History Expos booth where everyone turns in their critiques and other event cards for prizes.  I will be happy to consult with you for FREE about your most pressing genealogy problem.  I suggest that you bring your pedigree chart and some family sheets, so I can see the lay-out of your ancestry.  This lay-out is so significant for solving the research problems you have and making tracks toward the origins of your ancestors.

During the 2-day event, 2010 California Family History Expo—8-9 October 2010,
I will be speaking 4 times:

1.  Land and Property Records: Part I: Southern Land

Records: StatebyState.(Beginner/Experienced)

Consider: when the courthouse burns, how do you

prove fatherson relationship? Since 393 Southern

courthouses have suffered loss of records from fire,

flood, storm, chaos or destruction of war, and official

carelessness, how do you prove a pedigree? Property

ownership is of sufficient importance to every level of

jurisdiction, and always has been that essential,

property records make up the most consistent, most

reliable, most provable record category of all. Friday at 10:00 am

2.  Part II: LittleKnown and UnderUsed Land and

Property Records. (Experienced/Advanced) If you

have been seeking your hardtofind ancestor for 15

20 years‐‐its time you had an “easy button.”

Searching the same records other researchers have

checked, hoping for a different answer usually doesn’t

work. Learn about property sources and records that

others before you have not used. For the first time,

solve your research problems. Friday at 3:00 pm

3.  How to Trace the Common Man Through

Congressional Records. (Advanced)

The Constitution guarantees all American citizens the

right to petition the government for help in time of

need. Our ancestors exercised this right frequently;

we seldom do. Examination of petitions and their

accompanying papers in detail: military pensions,

bounty awards, American Indian rights, alien lists,

court documents, and many more. Prove

Revolutionary service, identify migration patterns,

and learn names of remarried women on your

pedigree. Saturday at 9:30 am

4.  Evaluation and Analysis of Genealogical Evidence.

(Beginner/Experienced) Or, how do I prove my

records are correct? Collecting, compiling, matching

evidence so your records are both documented and

proven. Resolve discrepancies, document family

traditions, bypass recordsource failure, and use

“slips of the tongue” evidence wisely. Saturday at 1:00 pm

Come.  Take advantage of all the FREE stuff.  Register to attend the classes, especially mine!  You won’t want to miss a minute of this great and unique genealogy event.  Once you register, you can download the syllabus materials–mine are all NEW.  I want you to be able to track your hard-to-find ancestors correctly the first time!  Save yourself time and money by doing it right.

2010 California Family History Expo—8-9 October 2010
Alameda County Fairgrounds
4501 Pleasanton Ave
Pleasanton, California 94566
Registration: $65 online at http://www.fhexpos.com;  $75 at the door

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  You can see that I am speaking on genealogy evidence–my specialty.  When you attend, you can expect to learn how to increase your success rate as well as have an awesome time doing it. 

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