Viral Genealogy Caught Up With Me and My Free Report

WOW, it never occurred to me that my offer of a FREE genealogy report on Cutting Edge Documentation would flow throughout the world–bringing over 800 requests and email orders are still coming in. Some days more than 100 arrived inbox and more than 20 came in today, alone.

So if you will bear with me–I will honor my offer to all of you. I have reprinted twice, ordered more envelopes, alerted my local postmaster, put ice on my wrists, and honey on my tongue (actually, I did not lick the envelope flaps–I taped them shut).

In the middle of all this, I prepared for the Heritage Creations Christmas Tour which begins on Monday, 3 December and runs all week. So this week will be out for mailing. You see, I have been mailing every day as many as I can prepare. In between research and writing genealogy reports, working with volunteers to process collections, and finishing the winterizing of my 1/2-acre backyard.
For those of you who requested the report be sent by email–wish I had anticipated the response and prepared the report for email delivery–you all would have your copies. As it is, I am mailing in the order your requests arrived inbox. And I estimate that by 20 December–all those requests received by 2 December will be mailed. So you will have a good read for the after-Christmas free time which descends upon us all after the packages are all opened and the dinner eaten.

If you did not order the report–I will still accept orders until 20 December. It’s free and there are no strings–I just have to have your postal address. Email, alone, will not do.

And I would appreciate hearing from you by email, if you can spare the time and would like to comment on the report:
From time to time, I will offer other reports you won’t want to miss–hopefully by email.

Having said all of this, I must confess that I am a computer novice. I receive and usually can retrieve jpegs and adobes and file attachments–I just have never sent any. Illustrations seem to me to be a problem–especially large ones that take up more space and extra time to download.

What do you think? Will it be a major problem? I do not like reports without illustrations or books or research reports qwith out them. I want to see the documents and be able to study the evidence myself. What say you?

This was not the subject of this post as I planned it all week–I have some wonderful information on New York City Vital Records that I want to share with you. I just needed to tell you all that I got your requests and I am filling the envelopes as quickly as I can. Thank goodness for a small, first-class post office and an understanding postal staff who take extra time to help me apply the right postage to the foreign mail and add the stamps to the domestic mailings in slow periods.

I’m posting this episode early–on Saturday afternoon–and I will post the message on NYC Vital Records early next week–provided I can post it long distance. I told you I was a novice at this technology–have to master it if I am going to go daily in early February.

Each and every day that I research someone’s genealogy, I discover new sources or wonderful evidence or surname lists that were never before available. You and I won’t live long enough to solve your tough genealogy research problems if we don’t go daily. You don’t all have Tennessee and Kentucky and Virginia and North and South Carolina and New York and Vermont. And while I prefer to research here, I also do Ireland, Scotland and England and Wales, and sometimes Poland–I read Latin–and Germany and Switzerland.

So stay tuned and check in every few days if you are not registered or you do not have your RSS feeds coming in regularly. That way you won’t miss out on goodies I offer and documentation I share. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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