I am awaiting further evidence…Just One Record!

I took a couple of weeks off to defrag, build new cells, work in my yard, and do some of the things I never seem to get around to–including spending time with my family. I experienced the eclipse without being a watcher. Ethereal and amazing.

This is the anniversary of Katrina as we watch the devastation of Harvey!

Back at work preparing research reports and getting ready to send raw data discovered through research amongst the records. And awaiting further evidence as I search both online resources and the information on microfilm and in printed records. Just one record, just one can change the result of research conclusions. Just One!

Just One! So my research reports usually outline additional sources and records not yet studied for the evidence they contain on the ancestors of interest.

When I was in graduate school, my supervising professor said to me, “At some point, Arlene, you have to draw conclusions. What does the evidence mean?”

Since then, I have discovered the importance just one record can add to the evidence pool. And what a significant role libraries and archives are to the overall ability you have to find the answers. These repositories contain the sources and records you require.

Within the context of watching for a week, a hurricane pounding and pounding the Texas coast before heading for Louisiana. And the desperate attempt to survive–the fight for life going on in front of you. More than 49 inches of water have fallen with a prediction of that much more to come! Access to libraries and archives and their contents takes a back seat. What is left when the water goes down, is what is left.

You may be required to render judgment before all the facts can be determined. Genealogy research and findings are always subject to the survival of the records. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS Dear clients, both interim and completed reports are coming shortly.

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