Afton Needs Your Prayers

Afton has answered my business 800 # live for more than 25 years!  This week she was rushed to the emergency hospital with a bowel obstruction.  The X-rays identified a large mass in her pelvis and calcification of the blood vessels throughout her abdomen.  Surgery and biopsies revealed no cancer!  And we are so grateful.  When I left her, she was covered in tubes and wires and oxygen.

Please pray for her:  1) with thanksgiving that there is no cancer, and 2) that minus the tumor and obstruction she will feel immensely better.  She is such a trooper–even when she feels unwell she still works rings around most people, including me.

World War II Nazi Archives to be Digitized

The International Committee of the Red Cross met in Amsterdam on Tuesday to determine when and how we can access the 52-year old historical archive.  Researchers of all kinds are pressing to see and use these surviving documents.  The archive was closed in 1955 to protect the privacy of Holocaust survivors.  Digital access will enable us to determine places and dates of death, places of origin, perhaps even family groups and pedigrees.

Have you ever considered that a government intent on the complete annihilation of a people would document the whole process?  I am awestruck to think that we have microfilm copies of concentration camp rosters with identity numbers and death registers of those who died.

More Family Origins, More Correctly, and More Efficiently

Each and every day I try to learn about some newly available resource–sort of a “future bank” of data and evidence that will enable us to trace more family origins more effectively.  I read the newspaper and watch news broadcasts for mention of events that impact on genealogy and record-keeping.  I have people who read newspapers and news magazines for me, sending articles and notices to help me keep informed.

If you see announcements of new  genealogy resources, please send the information along.  You never know when some  small reference will swing open big pedigree doors.   I will share it and acknowledge your efforts right here in this Genealogy News Sheet.

Another, Independent, Kentucky Census Index

The Genealogy Library Center just received an index to Kentucky censuses on IBM stylus cards.  A massive index.  Hundreds and hundreds of IBM cards.  Independently compiled directly from the census microfilm, initial comparisons show that this index includes entries not found in other printed versions!  How fun!  Imagine, you just might find your hard-to-find ancestor picked up by the genealogists who read the original schedules all the way through.

After spending the better part of two hours seeking a hard-to-find ancestor by checking the online indexes through and Heritage Quest, I am ready to read the original schedules myself.  I do that regularly–since indexes may not include all the entries in the original.

Now I need  file drawers the right size to accommodate the cards.  I’ll keep you posted when this new index will be ready for look-ups.  Don’t you know, my volunteers and I are working very hard to get the manuscript collections ready for searching–and we find such delicious stuff in each one of them.  I’m hard-pressed to get descriptions, name lists,  dates covered,  and other details ready to post on my website.    Your Genealogy Evidence Guru,  Arlene Eakle

P.S.  Watch my website selection menu for new stuff in early June.   And please remember to pray for Afton.

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  1. To My Favorite Genealogist:

    Afton and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated as to her progress!

    Take care,

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