Stop Genealogy Depression!

Genealogy can no longer be a hit and a guess. Do you have any concept of the number of hours it takes to disprove a non-ancestor?  Or if you have hired me, how much of your money I spend to disprove a non-ancestor?

And if you are researching your own pedigree lines, how much effort you expend on someone else’s ancestors?

And if you are LDS, how much time you waste trying to tie your real grandparents to ancestors that do not connect? To me, a professional genealogist, this is the real cause 21st-century genealogy depression.

Unleash new inspiration and excitement in the genealogy applications of 21st- century technology. New search engines. New access portals. New stuff you never knew was out there.

Sharpen your vision of why genealogy integrity is essential. And how your ability to prove and document your ancestors better and faster is bail-out time for us all. TIME.  MONEY. And more important–ANCESTORS.

Just imagine what you can accomplish on your family tree–when you know how!

Stay tuned! My blogs contain how-to’s, new resources, old stuff with new access. And study materials to boost your ability to recognize your ancestors among the many others in the databases that have the same names. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Check out my other blogs oriented to specific research challenges like New York and Tennessee. Or relax with my new blog, Be of Good Cheer.

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