More Genealogy Joy! Greater Happiness in your Genealogy! Claim your Share…

According to the Social Indicator Research Journal (May 2012) the best and latest “feel good” thing is to take a class.  Who knew?

According to the behavioral  experts, learning something new can fill you with more joy than getting a raise or landing a new job.  Even small, positive differences in yourself increase your long-term happiness.  That being said, let me suggest a simple way to do it–

Take a Class!  Attend a Family History Expo

  1. Expand your genealogy knowledge
  2. Open yourself up to new experiences
  3. Gain new friends who are as passionate as you are about tracing ancestors
  4. Learn something new:  discover facts no one ever told you
  5. Connect yourself to new ancestors

Take a Class!  1-2 June 2012, Colorado Expo, Colorado Springs–

I will be speaking in a newly updated, double-session on New York Research.  This is an area where I specialize because I discovered New York is one of the most difficult areas to connect new ancestors to your family tree.  My presentation will help you separate immigrants from New Englanders who share the same migration routes across New York.  And, who have the same surnames!

Using the US Census, 1790-1840 is a brand new session–I wrote it especially for the Colorado Expo.  How to read and understand those census records where only the head of the house is named.  And how to match the evidence in these ignored census schedules to what you already know and what you still need to connect yourself to new ancestors.

And for those of you still struggling to identify and track your Southern ancestors–especially ancestors who come from Alabama, and Georgia, and Maryland as well as Virginia, and Tennessee–I have prepared new data on Migrations Peculiar to the Old South.  Do you know that if you have ancestors in Arkansas, one or more of them will originate in Maryland?  And if your ancestors come from North Carolina, you will have one or more ancestors from South Carolina too?  Plan to attend this class and discover new facts no one ever shared with you before.

Take a Class!  6-7 July 2012, Northern California Expo, Sacramento–

If your ancestry is from the British Isles, run, don’t walk to this event–because I am presenting a 4-session British Isles Seminar at the Expo:

  1. Irish Research Online and Offline.  This is a new session identifying the “gateways” your Irish ancestors entered the US and the reason you cannot find them, yet, in Ireland.  Believe me–this one session alone will be well worth the admission fee.
  2. Migration Patterns within the UK and Ireland.  Your ancestors moved around more than they have ever been given credit for.  Why?  How do you trace them?  What records are most likely to reveal their origins?
  3. British Isles Migration Patterns to America.  Where your ancestors came from, where they settled, and how long it took them to get from there to here!  And could your British ancestors be from come other country?
  4. Tracing your “Common Man” ancestors in British Isles Land Records.  If you could only choose one session to attend–this is it.  You will discover new data about your ancestors that will electrify you.  New genealogy facts!  Hidden deep in documents no one ever searches and genealogy  catalogers cannot describe because they know nothing about these records.  You can WOW your family members and friends with what you have learned after attending this class.

Take a Class!  And once you register for either or both of these Expos, you can download my class handouts and study them.  Get started with your new discoveries. Determine which ancestors will benefit most from all this new information.  Write down questions to ask me during the two days we meet together.  Organize your Expo schedules so you have time to see all the exhibits–remember that I will be in the Exhibit Hall, when I am not presenting, and available to speak with you one-on-one about your own ancestors.  And if you have an ancestor, that try as you will, you cannot seem to trace, bring your pedigree and documentation to me.  I’ll trace that hard-to-find rascal for you.

My genealogy mantra is

I’ll trace your ancestors for you or teach you how.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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