Eakle is not a German Surname.

Although the Eakle family spoke German, wrote their names and documents in German script, and emigrated from some where in Germany when they left Europe for America in 1740, the Eakle surname is not German.  Johann Herman Ekell carried a Norwegian patronymic for his surname.  In the mid-1400’s, Ekell was also a Norwegian farm name.  According to the tradition of this farm, there were family members who lived and left their name on the land.  Then disappeared.

Finding a Norwegian Farm Name

Norske gaardsnavne: oplysning samlede til brug ved matrikelens revision : efter offentlig foranstaltning udgivne med tilføiede forklaringer:  Norwegian Farm Names, their history and locations in Norwegian. 18 vols, one for each county.   Oluf Rygh went from farm to farm in the mid-1850’s, recording the history of each farm.  He numbered the main farm and used a decimal point .1, .2, .3,  etc. to designate each division of that farm and the sub-farms taken from those lands. So we can use these numbers to identify farms divided among heirs and their descendants.
Gårdsnr    Gård    Sogn          Herred      Amt
19                Ekill     Aaseral     Aaseral     Lister og Mandals amt

These volumes will be available in an electronic version through the work of  Tom Schmidt, Assoc Professor  at the University of Oslo.   http://www.dokpro.uio.no/engelsk/place_names.html

They are also available on 8 reels of microfilm from the Family History Library, FHL#0908594-600 and 0924001.

Norsk stedfortegnelse: postadressbog for Norge.  Norwegian farms listed in 1901 (parts 1 and 2), and 1972, in Norwegian.   Includes the number of cottages on each farm.   Some farms recorded in 1901 are gone by 1972.  In 1901, Ekill is located in Anseral and Aaseral in Vest-Agder (county).  1901: FHL#6030038-49.  1972: FHL#6054629.

Navneregister for kart 1:50,000 over Norge = Index to names on 1:50,000 scale maps of Norway:  more than 800 detailed topographical maps of Norway. This 3-volume index includes translations into English.  Vol I–Ekell, several are listed including sub-farms and areas divided from the main farm.  Vol II–Ekli and Ekle.  Vol III–NIL.  FHL#1573258, items 8-10.  Using these maps, we can identify the precise place the farms are located.

Now I am ready to  search for farm books (community family and local histories) published for many localities in Norway from the 1980’s on.  The Family History Library also has acquired many of these.  I try to fit in some of my own family work as I can.   And to share what I think will be of use to you gentle readers.  Your favorite professional genealogist, Arlene Eakle.  http://www.arleneeakle.com

PS  We are currently in Madison WI where Kathryn and I will research at the Wisconsin Historical Society and then go on to Oshkosh WI to search and photograph the Welsh settlement from Oneida County New York for a family history we are currently working on.

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