While on the way to Jamboree…

Webmaster Kathryn here – Dina Killen from Arcadia looked me up yesterday. She had also been on the freeway on her way to the Jamboree, but there was construction that made her unsure of which way to get off. She saw my car’s license plate, and decided that she should follow me as I was probably also going to the Jamboree. At one point, she was able to get a glimpse of me (for identifying me), and she had noticed that it was an “accessible”  vehicle. So later, she looked for me in a wheelchair or scooter (I use the latter) and found me. When she showed me the picture on her phone, I asked her to send it to me. When I showed it to Arlene, she said it and the story just had to go on the blog. So here it is! (Click to see a larger version)


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