A Christmas to Remember: A Whole Week at the Family History Library

Christmas begins earlier and earlier each year it seems. And as more and more Christmas lights twinkle on the hillsides where new homes appeared in September and October, the excitement that is Christmas builds in our hearts. And this year the Christmas lights on Temple Square and the Conference Center have expanded with lights at the courtyard of the Family History Library and the LDS Church Museum. The whole area glows…

Well, in genealogy, Christmas also means the Salt Lake Christmas Tour–with over 100 good friends who come to the Family History Library the first full week of December. Many of these avid genealogists spend their whole year’s vacation with us! Like a great family reunion.

You can still register and come too.

A full seminar of classes given by the corps of experts ready to assist you in your research accompanies the program–including me and my daughter Linda Brinkerhoff. This is the only venue where you can hear Linda speak (at present). Our list of topics is presented here. We always prepare something very special just for this tour–

Arlene’s classes:

  1. Tracing Native American Ancestry. Native American Sources, including how to reconcile the 5-digit # on the Dawes Roll with the 4-digit # on the censuses. And how to understand and use Matrilineal Kinship to trace your Native American ancestry correctly.
  2. Finding Places of Origin of American Families in the UK and Ireland. Professional strategies and research secrets that will work for you , too. Like trading hard-to-find British ancestors by land and pedigree. Like finding your commoners as easily as you find your noble and royal ancestors.
  3. Noteworthy Church Records Collections Available at the Family History Library. Using the FHL Catalog to locate what you need is sometimes a challenge–you get call numbers, CD-Rom numbers, and locations of research aids to help you find the records fast and search them effectively.

Linda’s classes:

  1. Why Church Records Are Important for Genealogical Research. Includes specific strategies to find-hard-to-find ancestors in the US., the British Isles, and in Europe so you can stop spinning your wheels and get new ancestors on your pedigree!
  2. Wills, Inventories, and Other Probate Records. A take-you-by-the-hand approach to these essential and sometimes complicated records. The single largest collection of probates records in the world is in Salt Lake City. And more are cataloged every month for your use. Soon, they will all be digitized and newly indexed!

Afton Reintjes will also be on hand to assist you with your tough Tennessee and Southern research problems. She is the expert on Tennessee–the collection at the Family History Library and the libraries and archives on the ground in Tennessee. Bring your pedigree to chat with her and let her guide you to the right family lineages.

There are more than 14 genealogy research experts available to help you on this Tour 2 Dec through 8 Dec 2007: Loni Gardner (expert in mind-mapping and organization), Kevan Hansen and Trudy Schenk (German and European research), Wade Hone (Denmark, Norway, Sweden and other Scandinavian background), George Ott (New Jersey and US research), Joy Price (expert and kind research help for beginners), and Dwight Radford (Ireland). Bill Balter will instruct you on scanning photos and using your digital camera effectively and creatively. He will also take your picture doing what you love to do! Donna Potter Phillips will ensure that you find something of value and kick-start your Christmas to Remember with new friends, new ancestors, and restaurants!

Register: Salt Lake Christmas Tour, PO Box 830, Bountiful UT 84011. Or call 801-949-7259. Or email Leland Meitzler <Lmeitzler@gmail.com> For additional details http://www.Genealogy-Tours.com Hurry, the week is almost upon us! Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle http://www.arleneeakle.com

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