Live from the Crystal Inn, Salt Lake City UT and the German Research Retreat

And greetings to you gentle readers–

__With handouts topping 300 pages of solid research instructions and examples of German documents–
__With the clear and careful voice-over of Ruth Maness and her experienced view-
__With the excitement of new discoveries for each attendee doing diligence at the Family History Library–
__With interested questions from virtual attendees who are signed in via their computers and devices from the comfort of their own homes–
__With specific questions which re-focus our attention as instructors–
__With the technical skills of James Tanner directing our search efforts online–

The German Research Retreat is probably one of the most important genealogy events this year. And I personally wish you could be with us. My husband Alma’s ancestry was German at the time the Eakle family came to America in the early 1740’s and settled in Pennsylvania and Western Maryland. From there they migrated to Virginia and then in the 1880’s took the overland train to Utah. Farmers all–they came for the land and the opportunities available to practice their religion as they saw fit.

The Eakle family were members of the Church of the Brethren. Maryland and Virginia invited these anabaptist seekers to settle their western frontiers as protection from the Indians and as settlers who could hold the frontier from all enemies whatever their focus. Tax and revenue benefits were a part of the package they were offered for the eminent risks they were willing to take. So tax lists come along later here than “safer” locales.

If you could be set “levy-free” for a time, would you find that incentive enough? I believe that I would.

Next month, beginning 19 October 2015, our American Census Records Retreat will take place–also at the Crystal Inn and the Family History Library. I am currently writing the handouts for my presentations now. This will be one of the most comprehensive treatments of how to search the census records in print.

Why don’t you plan to attend in person so you can also research your difficult-to-find ancestors at the Family History Library? You can also attend virtually for the live instruction. Even with the extensive coverage of the census records available online–for some states, that coverage is insufficient for you to make the kind of research  progress you can make with direct access to hundreds of pages of state and local censuses not available online.

Register at Census Records.

Gotta go! Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS I would love to take you by the hand and lead you to your ancestors. Imagine, a whole week to work with me!


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