The American Revolutionary War–The True Story: Who Fought, Who Won, and How to Document your Participants

I invite you to check my blogs, listed below, for the sources and answers you need to understand the American Revolutionary War and to trace your ancestors who participated in it or lived through it. Much research has already been done to help you find and understand your ancestors’ roles.

Genealogy Evidence Blog:
28 Aug 2012     American Military Bounty Lands

20 Sep 2012     3,000 Pages of American Women in the Revolutionary War

28 Sep 2012      Who Fought the American Revolution? Part I–Career Soldiers

3 Oct 2012         Who Fought the American Revolution? Part II–Americans Who Supported the King

4 Oct 2012         Who Fought the American Revolution? Part III–Local and Secret Partners

18 Oct 1012        Who Fought the American Revolution? Part IV–Troop Strength Bolstered by Mercenaries and Soldiers of Fortune

Virginia Blog:
26 Sep 2006 Why Bounty Lands are Essential for Virginia Genealogy

19 Oct 2012  American Independence: Yorktown Surrender of British Troops

New York Blog:
2 Mar 2002  New York and the Revolution

28 Aug 2012 Mercenaries in the American Revolution: Hessian Troops in New York

Tennessee Blog: Many posts–search “American Revolution” and “Military Records” on Search Bar powered by Google

Kentucky Blog:  Many posts—search “American Revolution” and “Military Records”

Blog Postings for Revolutionary War, written by Arlene H. Eakle. Select from the right-hand menu on my Home Page. Military Records, especially for the American Revolutionary time period—1774-early 19th century—can help you by-pass burned counties in the Southern States including loss of early census records in the thirteen original colonies. And military Pension Records document the lives of women and their kinship networks better than almost any other source.

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS Today is D-Day anniversary, 6 June. This day was celebrated throughout America and, indeed, celebrated throughout Europe–Hope for all mankind that the Second World War would end and peace would reign over everyone! But, there is little peace in our troubled world. At least the true story of what happened and which ancestors fought and won can bring comfort to your whole family. Knowledge of what happened can even brighten the background of those who became enemies.


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