The End of the Research Retreat

The Retreat  is ending–some attendees have already left. With their new discoveries tucked away ion their luggage and stored on flash drives.  You could join us  in 2012 in April or November or both–we would love to see your success too.

Well, it is on to Atlanta–with stops in northern  and eastern Alabama for research.   We want to identify special libraries with genealogy resources and bookstores with used books that expand our genealogy knowledge.  Holly, Billy, and me.

Then when the Expo in Atlanta is over, we will spend two days researching in Georgia records, then off to North Carolina and Virginia for some key “hard-to-find” ancestors.  In case you are wondering–I love searching for hard-to-find ancestors!   And teaching other interested genealogists how to search for hard-to-find ancestors.

Watch for live reports from the field from time to time. We hope to keep you informed as we go.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  And I will blog from the convention floor in Atlanta.  Some fun stuff is coming down from there.

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