A 2012 Genealogy Preview…

Update on new computer system–Kathryn got the computer and it is now sitting in my computer room waiting to be installed. She will walk me through the set-up–can you believe?  She got me through the saving of my files on my old system.  You would have hardly recognized me switching cords from one tower to another back and forth, just like I knew what I was doing.

Then, my next learning will be to create power point presentations on my lap top.  What a gas!  At least I do know how to type.  And when I get the texts written, I will acquire a scanner to put specific illustrations–some only I use–in each one.  Imagine the tech i am becoming.

Watch for my new speaking schedule for 2012–there is a good chance that I will be speaking at one or more venues within driving distance of many of you–my loyal readers:  Houston TX, Albuquerque NM,  Oklahoma City, Atlanta GA, Colorado Springs,and lots of other places in the United States.

And I have several new books–now available for purchase online–research in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and tracing immigrants.  I’m working on another chapter for my book on research in Scotland.  And a completely new book on naming patterns for American ancestors.   Checkout my bookstore.

And my book on Virginia research continues as well.

When I am at the Family History Library doing research, someone invariably asks if I am finding stuff.   I always find stuff–for clients problems, for my blogs, for my entertainment, for my continued knowledge of what is available and where it is.  Why else would I go to the Library? I expect to find things to complete my genealogy projects–otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time.

When I visit other libraries, I always find information for these same projects–that’s why I go there.

Lest this sounds arrogant, think for a minute.  The Research Process which I follow includes prep time for each project.  I outline what I need by completing a new pedigree work chart.  This chart focuses my attention on what is missing.  I also outline what I plan to look for and where to look.

Then I head for the nearest library where those resources can be found.  While I can’t guarantee the results, I can guarantee that I look thoroughly through the sources.  If the evidence is recorded, I will find it.  That much I can guarantee.

If one source fails,  there are many others that can be substituted.

Whenever there is more than one set of abstracts for the same record,  I check both.  What I am after is every-name indexes to the original records.  Some indexers and abstracters are better than others.  Almost all are helpful.

And if you do what I do, you will be successful too.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle  http://arleneeakle.com

PS  Technology is among the most significant strategies for genealogy research now available to us–it is not, however, free of traps.  Stay tuned!


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