7 Dec-13 Dec 2008. Salt Lake Christmas Tour, Family History Library in Salt Lake City UT.

7 Dec-13 Dec 2008. Salt Lake Christmas Tour, Family History Library in Salt Lake City UT. Research consultations to track your hardest-to-find ancestors, instruction classes, photo tours of the Christmas Lights on Temple Square, The Messiah, Ice Cream and Pie Social, and much more. 

Each year we look forward to the Christmas Tour at the Family History Library–with all the new data available and genealogy websites that are FREE at the FHL!  We plan all year and wait to see how many of the “old-timers” will be coming. 

Did you know that some of our attendees have come every single year since the Tour began, including ME and LELAND and PATTY and DONNA and HAZEL and on and on…

And did you knowthat Bill Balter, who has come many years, has recorded our time together on CD with the Christmas Lights on Temple Square in the background.  One of the funnest events is the Temple Square photo lesson where we learn to shoot both the lights and the people at the same time.

We have lost some too.  And gained a whole lot of new friends.

Most of all, we have learned, together, how to trace our ancestors.  We also have  had instruction classes focused on what is new and what is still available at the Library.  And this year will be no exception:

Arlene Eakle’s presentations:

  1. Genealogy Research Datasbases Online and Offline. You Can Search Many Significant Databases FREE at the Family History Library.
  2. Hidden Evidence in Census Records–Your Pedigree and Your Hard-to-Find Ancestors will never be the same!
  3. Tracing Ancestors Who Lived in Cities: New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Charleston, Baltimore, and others.

Linda Brinkerhoff’s presentations:

  1. Research Native American Ancestry
  2. Sources of Births, Marriage, and Deaths You Have Probably Overlooked

These are brand new research instruction topics.  Each one is based on how to find and use the collections at the Family History Library. and each one is prepared exclusively for Leland and Patty Meitzler’s Salt Lake Christmas Tour.

You can still register to attend:  http://genealogy-tours.com/2008_register.pdf

For more details about the tour about the Tour itself and all the many things we do, see http://www.genealogy-tours.com/2008/10/christmas-tour-2008-is-quickly.html

Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  The conference in Meas was amazing.  And I will have more to day about it and the research I did afterward at the University of Arizona–so stay tuned in.  You won’t want to miss out on one little tid-bit.

PPS  I have tons of completed research (or at least it seems like tons) sitting on my desk and waiting to be put into reports. Don’t despair.  There is an important research benefit when there is some time between the research and the report–I make fewer mistakes and extend more generations.  So please hang in there with me so that I can get them all out before Christmas!

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