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I finished not just Researching Your Roots in New York, 5–I completed Volume 6 as well.  And, if I do say so myself, these volumes are especially helpful.  I scoured my seminar files  for all of the best stuff I have talked about the past couple of years.  And I reviewed Linda’s seminar presentations too.  Then I went back through all of our client files for references and strategies that we have used the past ten years to find hard-to-find ancestors moving across New York.

Next I surveyed the extra handouts I use for classes and seminars.  And I re-did and updated and illustrated with my very best maps.  I held nothing back that I thought might be useful to you.  Here are the contents for you to review for those items that might provide solutions to the research challenges you face.

Researching Your Roots in New York, Volumes 5-6. 
2008.  Compiled by Arlene H. Eakle and Linda E. Brinkerhoff. $30.00 each.

Researching Your Roots in New York, 5.
The Iroquois Banner, 1752.  Native American Research in New York: Resources and Considerations:   Personal Knowledge, Census Records, Church Records, Federal Land Records.  Bibliography of Sources, Websites.  Number of Indian Warriors in the Revolutionary War by tribe.  Map:  The Six Nations in New York.   Indians: The Six Nations of New York–Eleventh Census: Map: The Country of the Five Nations, Union Soldier and Sailor Element,  Map:  Six Nations Outline Map of New York: Indian Reservations, Map:  Onondaga Reservation, 1890,  Map:  Cattaraugus Reservation of the Seneca Nation, 1890, Map:  Allegany Reservation of the Seneca Nation, 1890,  Map:  Tuscarora Indian Reservation, 1890, Map:  Reservation of the St. Regis Indians (Mohawk), 1890, Map:  Removal of the Eastern Indians to the North, 1800-1829.  Pre-1820 New York State Census Records.  Map: The Genesee Road: Albany to Buffalo.  New York: State Censuses and Substitutes by William Dollarhide, A Review;  State and Area Census Substitutes; New York Newspapers.  The Sullivan Expedition, 1779: Rosters and Sources.  Why Military Records are Important: Evidence from Military Records.  Map:  The Military Tract(s).  Map:  1st sheet of  DeWitt’s State Map of New York.  Map:  The Military Tract in 1792.  Map:  New York During the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783.  Map:  Military Reserves, 1778-1818.  New York Map Portfolio:  Map of the Counties of  Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins, Schuyler;    Maps Showing the Character and Extent of  New England Settlement In New York, 1820, 1830, 1840.

Researching Your Roots in New York, 6.
Tracing New York Ancestors:  Western New York, Skip New York?  NO! New York Manuscript Collections at the Family History Library Compiled by James Black.  Paul Wesley Prindle Collection:  Historical Note,  Scope and Content Note, Surname List.  Smith Papers: Scope of the Project:  Peter Smith Papers, 1763-1850, Gerrit Smith Papers, 1775-1821.  Palatine Roots: 1710 German Settlement of New York as Experienced By Johann Peter Wagner.  Dewey Decimal System.  The Jurisdictional Approach ® to New York Research:   Bounty Land Records Checklist, Records of Land Companies of New York, Statement of the Settlers, Village of Cazenovia, Study Bibliography.  Map: Western New York. Map: Genesee Lands, 1790.  Why Jurisdictions Are Important.  Land Speculation: New York Research.  Scots in New York. 1741.  Map: City of Buffalo.  Map: New Amsterdam alias Buffaloe.  Map: Buffalo Village.  Map: Inner Lots.  Designation and Sale of Lots in the Original Survey of  Buffalo:  Inner Lots,  Water Lots, Outer Lots.  Map: State of New York, Boyd’s Gazetteer, 1872.  Researching Your Roots in New York, Contents of Volumes 1-4.

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