Live from the Box Elder County (Utah) Fair

The Box Elder County Fair is an old fair in Utah and one of the largest–with 200,000+ attendees over 4 days. Rodeo, Fair Parade (where the whole city shuts down and the stores close so they can walk in the parade and give away Popsicles, salt water taffy, Tootsie Rolls, and other sweets), and all the traditional crafts and animals you expect at county fair.  And country entertainment, professional and amateur from 1:00pm all day and all evening!  Carnival rides, games,  and treats.  And sun-flower dresses.  We all have one.  In a variety of colors.

People reserve their spots on the street for the Parade two days in advance. And mothers and fathers bring their kids with grocery bags to collect all the candy that is thrown their way.  I take my bag along too!

Then the parade leads the way to the fair grounds–this year my booth was changed to 209! Let me tell you about this booth: three feet larger and four feet deeper and located near the south door of the building where the wind blows all day long. Since the commercial buildings are not air-conditioned, this is a real bonus. I am very pleased.

I have 4 tables and 5 chairs–so that there is plenty of room to consult with genealogy research clients and potential clients. I can also give in-person genealogy reports. And share donuts and ice cold soda from my large blue cooler with friends and family alike.
The business that took over my old booth space has felt guilty all day that they booted me out of my space. I am pleased with the new spot and I will request it every year!

My grandson Kevin Jackson, entered two photographs in the Junior Achievers and won 2 red ribbons. This is his first time to enter a project. Congratulations Kevin!

It is in this venue that I test new advertising pieces, sales letters, give-aways, etc. If they are successful in my own place, I know they will be successful in other places too.

Stay tuned for more Live from the Box Elder County Fair–I have some new books on Native Americans. Indian lore and Irish legends sell well here. Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

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