Research=Re Search=Search Again

The teacher of a Mid-west genealogy class asked her students to order birth certificates for themselves and for the ancestor they were  researching.

These were the astonishing results:

  1. 10% had a different given name than asked for.
  2. 20% included an incorrect given name for the ancestor.

When checking wills, students discovered that the category “miscellaneous wills” was not indexed in the regular will indexes.  And many volumes of miscellany were not indexed at all!

When assumptions are made that the original records guide research better than compiled sources, reconsider these results–based on actual research.  Your favorite genealogist, Arlene Eakle

PS  I am thinking of loading my class and seminar handouts on my website.  For my own personal use if no one else.  Watch for my announcement.   I believe that handouts, as well as my presentations, should be precise with clear and complete references to stuff.

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